My host in Switzerland asked if I pay half of the fees for my car in his underground garage, because there are no parking spaces all around. I don’t know the price yet, his place costs 200 sfr a month. I am there for 25 days. How do you handle this?
I payed also a ticket für Maut 40 sfr. and a extra sim card for switzerland.

Kind regards Heike

Mein Host in der Schweiz fragte nach, ob ich die Hälfte der Parkgebühren für mein Auto in seiner Tiefgarage bezahle, weil es rundrum keine Parkplätze gibt. Noch kenne ich den Preis nicht, sein Platz kostet 200 sfr im Monat. Ich bin 25 Tage dort. Wie handhabt ihr das? Ich hatte mir auch ein ticket für Maut und eine Schweizer Sim Karte besorgt.

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Replying to @Heike1963;

I have no insight into the Swiss-specifics of this but at the one sit I did (twice) in a capital city with residents’ parking on the street using permits, the owners provided us with daily permits, no charge.
If you are getting the HO’s own space & he/she isn’t using it then I’d say that’s cheeky of them to ask for what would be his own refund. If you are occupying a 2nd space in addition I’d say it’s negotiable :thinking:. I would also take account of whether this is a published fact in the listing or are you being hit with it after the sit has been confirmed?

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It would depend on whether the host is paying for a parking space anyway, whether or not you would be staying. If he is only paying for a space because you need it, then it seems reasonable to ask you to pay some - or even all - of that additional cost. If it is a space that he has permanently and will be empty during your stay, it is unreasonable to ask you to pay for it.

As for the SIM card and Maut (seems to be like a tolltag) - that is probably your choice. You have decided that you want to bring your car and have local cellphone service, and those costs are normally not relevant to the homeowner.

I would say that it is now for you to decide whether to accept his offer or not. If you think you can find parking cheaper elsewhere then just politely decline .

To be honest, if you knew that you were using a car during your stay then it would have been advisable to discuss the parking cost/situation before accepting the sit

The other costs are nothing to do with the home host so is just a normal costs that sitters have to pay themselves

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That seems a little harsh to me. I’ve seen that you are car free and use public transport or Shanks’ Pony so perhaps you see car owners as being always on top of their vehicle arrangements? I’m not. I have used a car at & driven to all the sits I have done (nowhere near as many as you!) and I don’t anticipate a lack of parking unless the listing states that they suffer from restricted, on-street, permit governed parking (mostly in city centres of course). This feeds back into my original comment that if this wasn’t advertised in the sit & before confirming, then it’s cheeky to ask now.

@Saltrams - We occasionally hire cars although admittedly as a last resort as neither of us enjoys driving but, having lived in a city centre for years and knowing what a nightmare parking can be I would never roll up to a sit without checking on parking availability first.

I agree that it is cheeky to ask now if free parking was insinuated in the listing but if it was not mentioned at all then the home host probably thinks he is doing the sitter a favour by offering cut-price parking ( I agree that it does sound mean though!)

The fact that the dog cannot be left alone doesn’t necessarily explain why you need a car. Did the homeowner ask you to drive the dog to places, e.g. dog park, or is the car for your convenience?

Perhaps you would need to take public transport if you didn’t have a car, and the dog wouldn’t be allowed on the bus, train, etc. In that case, I think the homeowner should pay for your parking if they need you to take the dog everywhere.

I dont have to pay. He parks his car a the airport. And i can use his parking place.

An remember…
We talked before accepting the stay.

I only was asking, how you do ir did this… Nothing else.

There where many missunderstanding comments.

Thank you

I always drive with my car to stays.

Maybe one day i will fly… Because the miles are too much.

Train or bus is no possibility to me.

Thank you.

I always have pumpkin, potatoes, apples etc. in my car, if i can not let the pets alone. Because of this, i need the car. I can not go shopping in 25 days, because the dog can not be left alone. Think about.
Thank you

We found a agreement and i do not have to pay.


Glad to hear it.

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The House Owner is probably renting the space by month / year not by the day or week and therefore would not be able to give this up for a month and get this back - parking places to rent in CH are very difficult to find and keep. As a swiss resident (and renter of a car parking space)I do not think it is acceptable to ask you to pay half the car parking space - if this was a requirement it should have been included in the original post. And if there is an expectation that you have a car and drive the dog to places then this should be provided. This is like asking you to pay for heating for a short term stay - I really do not think it is acceptable and I would not do this.

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