Pausing Applications Test

If this is just a “test”, why is it continuing with such a massive rate of negative feedback from both homeowners and sitters! I for one have recommended TH to many people, particularly homeowners, as I told them that it is the best house-sitting site to be on. I don’t anymore! This “test” is frustrating and needless and needs to be put to bed sooner rather than later. It is the most expensive house-sitting site and if this new thing is implemented, I for one will not be renewing, after many years of membership.

TH, test or no test, it is obvious that this is a no from 90% of your members so I would be seriously reconsidering what you are doing to your PAYING members.

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99% of your membership?

90% of the membership is probably unaware this test is happening. And I think the opinion is mixed on the forum. Maybe one of the moderators would tell us what percentage of the membership actually participates on the forum?


EliseDownie I actually meant to say 90%. Maybe a slight exaggeration but I would put money on the percentage being a very high negative.

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Really? I do not recall reading one post in favour of it.

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Hi @ElsieDownie The percentage of the total membership who have active user accounts on the forum hovers at a little over 5% currently. In the last month approx 60% of these users logged in and at the very least “read or viewed” a topic according to the stats provided to us in Discourse.

In terms of a particular topic you can see some stats at the top of each individual post including how many views it has had and how many users have participated.


I have posted several posts asking people to wait and see how it goes. Others have done so too.


So we are reading 5% of the memberships opinion on the forum? The other 95% have not expressed an opinion yet.
To be honest, I think certain types of people search out forums. Probably most of us have come here with a problem and decided it’s a good informative place to be and stayed. The rest, well, forgive me, the rest are the hard core who use THS constantly as a way of travelling, as are we.
The forum is definitely not a snap shot of the typical member of THS.
Thank you Vanessa.

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The 9 hours time difference means you are 9 hours ahead of anyone local or even on the same continent. For example, you would be 6 hours ahead of where we live.

Now, not saying you are not the best sitter, but you had the advantage of seeing the sit while I was sleeping!


Joanne, any new brand new sits (haven’t used THS before) have to be approved by THS before posting. This appears to happen in the middle of the night North America time, so I am presuming it is done in the day UK time so you do have an advantage when travelling in Europe for those ones.

Yeah, I’d have to agree with this. And UK sitters have a big advantage over me for sits in Italy and France. They are an hour difference, but I’m 9 hours late in seeing sits posted in the morning.

One sit I’ve been watching for ages popped up with new dates a couple of nights ago. I happened to look at my phone a 4am and checked it out but it was already closed. There are all kinds of reasons for this, I know, but the biggest likelihood is that they got 5+ applications before I could even see the sit. Sigh.


A few weeks ago, a private message I received from a sitter on the Forum, told me that obviously, THS is not going to publish any data at all which suggests that their new products are not working. I have the strongest feeling that some contributors to the Forum (ie me!) are being discouraged from asking any questions and making any negative comments, so it is interesting to read this thread and the comments therein.

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I’m not sure this actually takes place, because new adverts which have fewer than five photos (and no photos of the sitter’s bedroom) STILL get through, as do new adverts which state another person will be present in the house and / or in close proximity of the house, plus new sits which do not include an overnight stay. They still get through.

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They’ve stated that any home owners who created profiles before the policy came into place are not monitored unless we report them. THS is ensuring that all NEW home owners have appropriate number of photos etc.

… And yet ANOTHER of my posts has been ‘moderated’!!

Simply removing an inaccuracy @LTD which I’m sure was an oversight on your part, members are not asked or required to report any listings and we especially don’t want to give new members to the forum the idea that they are expected to do this.

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Ooooo, i conspiracy theory … I just love reading these. Alternative universes, things that go bump in the night, UFOs and abductions.

Of course they don’t publicise their failed ideas. What company does? It’s all upbeat and wonderful which to be honest it is for most of us. Every failure will be swept under the carpet never to be talked about again. But, as I keep on repeating, at least they have acknowledged there is a problem and they are trying to do something to fix it.
This is number one fix. It’ll probably take about 20 or 30 tweaks before it’s sorted. That’s how fixes works. We only know it’s happening because they created the forum and are being very honest about what’s going on.
This sort of thing has probably being going on for years but no one knew because they didn’t tell their customers. I know it used to happen in the industry I worked in constantly. The customers only got to hear about the successes and the failures were forgotten about.

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@Kelownagurl ,
“One sit I’ve been watching for ages popped up with new dates a couple of nights ago. I happened to look at my phone a 4am and checked it out but it was already closed. There are all kinds of reasons for this, I know, but the biggest likelihood is that they got 5+ applications before I could even see the sit. Sigh.”

In this case you had the listing favoured so were notified of relisting with the new dates (all be it too late to apply).
With this test system in place, its very possible listiings disappear so quicly the opportunity to even see them to be able to favour them for the future is eliminated.

Also, there is a mistaken understanding with members (sitters and HO’s) that once a sit has been confirmed the listiing disappears until after the sit is completed, then the listing reappers under the header
“Sits in_____without current dates”, giving another opportunutity to favour listings. This is NOT the case for all listings. (Confirmed by THS). Its hit or miss and no guarantee that a listing will reappear under this category.

As a HO I’m disappointed that my listing with no current dates is not visible to sitters for them to favour. Plus, when I do list it may disappear very quickly again, with little chance of sitters able to favour.

Another reason for listings to be visible for a 24 hr period before pausing.


I don’t like this at all - were there complaints by homeowners that they had too many applicants? Were there complaints by sitters that HO didn’t respond quickly enough? If yes to either of those, there are def better options than limiting the number of applicants.

This forces sitters to literally pounce on any sit without really reflecting or discussing the opportunity with partners or taking the necessary time to research the opportunity from a cost/timing standpoint.

What I see this doing is making it so sitters apply to nearly every sit that looks remotely interesting just to squeak in under 5.

Seems like a bad workaround to a problem that didn’t really exist in the first place.

Though I do not know how long this test of five applications and under will be going or if it is already adopted by the management, I only decided to apply “quick” once. Nothing like “applying to nearly every sit that looks interesting”. Let’s keep a balanced perspective here…

And for that application, I wrote a second time to secure it after all researches were done.

What is more annoying is the fact that for sitters living in America, the time zone doesn’t allow them to see some offers, already gone as their fellow sitters applied 6 hours or more earlier.