Personal ads?

I’ve read somewhere on this forum that it would be nice to be able to contact some members, without leaving a message visible by all
Comments, testimonies, stories make us know members more intimately. Could we publish ads here on the forum ?
I am aware we can ask for a sitter on the website, but it could be more sélective on this Forum
Problem there are many sitters and few owners who participate. Why Angela? How the selection was made? Did all members of Ths have been aware there was a new forum?i’ve not seen any announcement , even on Digital nomads.

@Provence good morning and thank you for being such an active member on the forum, we really love that you have embraced the community spirit and connections.

With regard to members we have not yet invited the entire Trustedhousesitters global community, there are just staggered invites to selected mixed groups (owners and sitters)

When we launch to the wider community there will be a fanfare, the strategy was always to go slowly and learn what our community wants, need and expects from the forum, we are learning every day with the help of members like you.

Owners and sitters do have different motivations however we want to encourage and inspire activity from everyone, build a community that is not two sided but completely connected across the entire membership. …

Listings will always stay on the site however there MAY be opportunities to help in emergency situations, we will have to discuss what strategy will be fair for all.

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Angela, I was not suggesting to publish ONLY ads on the forum, I wanted to know if some ads could reach directly the members who participate on this forum, as with nicknames, it’s impossible to find them directly on THS site…
I do like a lot some comments of sitters who might feel happy to look after our pets in Provence, that’s why I asked. On profiles, sitters show what they want to communicate, in order potential owners would be interested. On the forum, their reactions, their comments give much more informations… More detailed (about some of their experiences)
Have a nice week end

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Perhaps there could be an option in our profiles on the forums to link to our TrustedHousesitters sitter/owner profile? We can already add a website link (which we use to link to our personal website), but another to our profile would be handy and help link the two sites together. Not sure how flexible the forum software is to handle this, but presume it should be doable!


HI @ChrisAndSuzeGoWalkies although we "own’ the forum it is a completely separate platform.

Ok @Angela, but if members want to give the link to their THS profile is it allowed?

Even if i give my listing link as an owner (already visible if somebody clicks on “Provence” member) this does not allow anybody to send me a private message

And If i write diown the link to my sitter profile, it’s the same.

On FB groups such as Trustedpetsitters and digital nomads, you can send a private message via Messenger to a member

On this forum it’s impossible. Could that change one day ?

Is it possible that members on this forum have the choice to be, or not, contacted? By mail of course (hidden like on THS), not by phone.

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Excellent suggestion @ChrisAndSuzeGoWalkies! Gets my vote (or would, if there was a voting option).
Why don’t you start a thread in the Feedback & Ideas? I bet members would vote for it.

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@Saltrams @Provence @ChrisAndSuzeGoWalkies … thank you for the feedback, answers to your questions are in progress.

Have a great Sunday and thank you for stopping by to chat!

When you make your presentation, you chose to give your blog link,

On my side, I chose (I don’t have a blog yet…) to give my owner’s link on THS.

As there are many sitters on this forum (owners don’t participate as much) I don’t see the interest to publish the link to my sitter’s profile !! I should appear in competition !

Owners can see that if they want to select a close by sitter (in France/ then the name of the town where I live). This is how I behave when I want to find some sitter close by if i need somebody for a very short period, no use to ask publicly sitters who can’t travel

I did that to show sitters a link to an owner, visible without having to apply (as I don’t need any sitter for the moment, I’m unable to travel due to restrictions as everybody) but having not given any dates (of course !) on THS web site, nobody could ever contact me. Why ?
If any sitter was in France in the few months haead, if s/he would contact me, it could give us the idea to travel in France while they would be happy to have found a short sit between 2 long ones…

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Ah, I see my error here. I read @ChrisAndSuzeGoWalkies suggestion “in reverse” - I understood it to be a suggestion that we might be able to put a link to our forum profile (who we are here) on our main THS site profile (as sitters, owners or both).
As Provence points out, there is already the facility for the reverse.
See @Angela & @Provence? Can I now claim it as my idea :joy::rofl:/

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@Saltrams, nobody will contest

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When somebody clicks on your housesit listing from your forum profile, there is the option to ‘Save’ it to your favourites - then when you put new dates on the listing, the sitter will receive a notification! So I think it is worth keeping your owner listing on your profile :slight_smile:

You can also directly message other members in private on this forum by clicking their picture or nickname, so if you did want to invite someone on the forum to sit for you, that could be a good way to contact them.

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Thanks but i noticed sending a private message to a member appeared afterwards public. Am i wrong ?did i make a mistake? I try with you with this message/test

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Searching, i found the flag, better than planned
Got this choice

I’m not sure we all know all we can do …

No, that facility is for dealing with inappropriate posts; “flagging” is a shorthand for that.
I haven’t explored how to PM other forum members but there is definitely a way.

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Hey @Provence, check your inbox, I think I sent you a test message…

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Ok it worked

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@Saltrams @Provence … one Forum goal achieved, “Encourage conversations and communications providing members the opportunity to interact and help one another”

Thank you you are brilliant! :clap: :star_struck:

So i shall NOT flag these posts !

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Yay! First time I’ve been brilliant in a while :joy:

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