Pet parent or sitter plan

Hi I need a pet parent for when I’m on holiday best thing is for them to stay here at my home - what plan do I need ??? Sorry total newbie :grinning:

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You are the pet parent, a sitter will stay at your house


Hi Rhona

You need the Pet parent plan .

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I’m a newbie sitter and also asked this question and then went for the Basic plan as we wouldn’t need insurance if the HO cancelled within 14 days of the sit as we’d not be inconvenienced as we’re only doing local sits within 2 hours of home.
I believe on a few rare occasions HOs have had sitters cancel last minute and if you’ve paid for the better plan that includes kind of THS backed ‘insurance’ that you might be able to make a claim against that would enable you to get a paid sitter or pay for pet care. This is my understanding having read a lot of the discussion threads.

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@rhona139 Once you have joined as a Pet Parent - you create a listing and then sitters will apply to house sit for you.

There are some great tips for creating a good listing here