Pet sitter not replied

I have privately invited a few pet sitters, and one seemed to be interested, but when I sent her the dates she went silent. I have just had another contact me, she is available - should I keep trying to get in touch with the first one, or accept the latest offer. Bit anxious as the dates are quite soon, and good communication is a bit of a thing with me, especially whilst we’re away.

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Hi @Pushkina , does your latest message to the first sitter show that she has read it? If she has read it, then you should assume she is not interested. If this present one suits your requirements then you should accept her. Then write to the first one advising her that you have found another sitter.


I would completely agree with @Itchyfeet - if someone hasn’t answered your message and more than a couple of days have passed, then do begin talks with your new applicant, and out of courtesy send a quick message explaining your position.

I know some might say why bother if they haven’t contacted you, but my thinking is it helps inform new sitters (or owners in reverse) who don’t realize the importance and who haven’t taken the Code of Conduct on board. I’ve had a few owners message us back to say they hadn’t realized a) how quickly they need to get back to sitters and b) that any messaging was necessary ! So I hope it helps in some small way :slight_smile: Good luck with you new applicant!!


We agree completely with @Itchyfeet and @Vanessa-Admin. We would also add that you shouldn’t feel anxious about going with another applicant. Having a sitter that communicates well and within reasonable timeframes will likely be a quality that puts you at ease while traveling.


Thank you everyone for the useful advice - going with the second one and letting first one know too, nicely!


Thanks for letting us all know and so glad to hear you got a positive result! Enjoy your time away :slight_smile:

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Hi, I always reply straight away regardless if I am waiting to hear from another sit or on one or not sitting at that time, I just be straight up honest, when we were full time sitting before covid lockdowns, we were doing it full time and would leave a sit and go to the next sit the same day, sometimes odd times, however always communicated clearly and honestly with the HO, I often had more than one sit at a time that we were applying for and communicating with the HO with, I learned quickly to do Video Calls and the HO can get a feel, I have had HO rearrange their Holidays so we could come, we are repeat sitters for many of them now. Look at all the applicants, do some video calls and put your mind at ease with who you choose to look after your beloved pets and home too. x

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How can you tell if an invitation to sit has been read? I’ve sent a few invitations to local sitters and am not getting responses so maybe they’re not reading them?

Here’s the information from a reply I did a while ago:

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Oh! I see the status now. After posting on the forum, I sent a message to a local sitter and can see a little envelope picture in the bottom right corner of the message I sent and it says UNREAD so that means the sitters that I sent an invitation to that don’t have that unread label have seen my email and just aren’t responding. : - (

As a sitter, my email to a homeowner shows greyed out and ‘unread’ in my inbox until the homeowner opens it. Once they open it, it changes to green and ‘read’. There’s nothing, at the corner when they are incoming emails, to me. I hope that helps. Otherwise, maybe someone with a homeowner account can clarify that for you.

It happened to me too lately when I was looking for a sitter after a cancellation : does this mean some sitters opened a special email box for THS, that they don’t use much ? Only when they try to find themselves a sit ? I don’t know.

As many sitters complain about the discourtesy of owners on the forum (who don’t reply to their application, don’t send them any explanations if they are not chosen, don’t send feedbacks either quickly after their return home), i do find some sitters discourteous too. Some waited ten days, then declined, using the button but without any word.

Several, fortunately, explained why they were not available, a few only asked me to keep them in mind (what I do : i put a label - “possible”- on their names, in order to contact them easily another time, without being obliged to scroll again many profiles…)