Pet sitting : a huge responsability

My first experience of pet sitting was independant : I was not a member of any organization yet.
3 years ago, my next door neighbour asked me if I could keep her 2 tiny rabbits while she was away with her family during summer holidays. I never had lived with rabbits, as I’ve been all my life surrounded by cats and dogs. I said yes but was anxious to do well as it’s rather different from my own experience with animals.
The 2 rabbits were brought in such a tiny wooden house I thought it was horrible for them, so I built a big fence inside my garden for them to play in the grass during the day. Under my survey, I was reading near them. My cat and dog were taken inside.

They were in their small home only at night.
I fell in love with Rasta and Rockette, they were really cute. One day, I saw one of the rabbit was blocked into the fence. I tried to free him and noticed he had huge teeth, quite not normal : they hurt his mouth. The female, Rockette, was not at all like Rasta.
I looked on Google, found a description of that illness, called the owners on holiday : “would they accept me to take their rabbit to my vet ?” sending them a picture, quite significative !
My neighbour had never paid attention, she works a lot, does not play much with the rabbits : the vet cut immediatly his incisive, it was really time to do it.
The owner was so happy that I had warned her that when I asked for a reference when I became a member of THS, she was very positive. I had no reviews so references from people I knew were important. May be the photo with me and the rabbits had success : english owners trust me right away.