Pets can forge new friendships

Prior to Covid we would stay in Nerja, Spain for a few months. With our precious Mini Schnauzer Maxwell we joined other owners and their pet Minis from Spain, UK, Norway, Sweden, Denmark on a walk each Sunday morning. Thanks to our pets, new friendships were made. :heart_eyes:


I love this @CandAsitters do you have more images and how did this get started? It would be wonderful to know the story around your Sunday walking club. Do you still keep in touch?

What a lovely picture :smiley:
Was this a group that you joined or did you all meet on your walks?

This is so cute !

I absolutely love this! With our THS, we have met and made so many new friendships, and when we lost our baby girl, the response from so many of those new friends was overwhelming…cards, flowers, stuffed pets that look just like her…what a great group of people we have in this community!

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I want to love this and it won’t let me! LOL

So YES I really love mini-schnauzers and love this post (and photo). Adorable! :hearts:

Prior to Covid we would drive to Nerja, Spain and stay a few months to avoid the UK cold winter. In 2017 while walking our Mini Schnauzer we met other Minis and their owners. They invited us to join the Mini Schnauzers on their Sunday Morning walks, ending at a cafe for coffee.
Travel restrictions have ended our trips to Spain and we lost our faithful Mini Schnauzer a few years ago. We miss him so much. However, thanks to TH we are able to have our ‘canine fix’ when we pet sit. The group are able to keep in touch via social media.


Thank you @CandAsitters for the insight into your Mini S Club and for those adorable photos. I did an 8 month sit just outside of Malaga and went to Nerja a number of times there was a Donkey rescue centre there and we (myself and members of horse rescue centre I was volunteering at) were trying to help the founder deal with a few issues.

I’m surprised I never saw your little group on one of my visits :dog: :wink:

Thank you again.

I love mini Schnauzers. What a great photo