Please bring back the post-sit feedback reminder e-mail

Up until about a year ago, once you completed a sit, the sitter and the homeowner got a post-sit automated email reminding them to leave feedback. I am not sure why it is no longer sent, but it was really helpful to sitters to get reviews in a timely manner. I know how to request a review in the system, but it would be nice if the system prompted the feedback too, instead of placing the burden on the sitter. Getting reviews help us get more sits, especially with all of the competition currently. Home owners will get applicants even if they have no reviews, so it is less important for them.

I agree with you. It’s never automatic owners send a feed back. On 5 sits only 2 sent a feedback on their own. 3 sent it after my request.

I wanted to vote but I have reached “the limit” (???)


Hi @Southernsitter and @Provence

We send an email 1-day post-sit and 3 days post-sit to encourage leaving reviews/feedback and we send a separate email asking members to review TrustedHousesitters on day 5.

When COVID kicked off and sits began to be cancelled we made the decision to stop review reminder emails being sent as some sits weren’t being cancelled

We reactivated these and the only reason you wouldn’t be receiving them is if you have unsubscribed to our mailing list, are you receiving other automated emails from us? (this would not include new message alerts, sit declines, sit accepted etc).

I can get this checked for you if you want to email us on FAO Katie and I can take a quick look to ensure you are still subscribed.

Kind regards,
Katie - Membership Services


I received a THS email reminder to leave feedback for a recent sit. The only problem was it came before enough time had passed. I guess you can’t leave feedback until 24 hours after the sit ends, so I had to remember to go back on my own. My guess is some people just don’t go back. On day 2 my sitter asked me to leave feedback a few hours after I’d posted, so apparently there is a delay there too as it wasn’t visible to her yet.