Poor communication from home owner

Thank you for your feedback. I always appreciate an opportunity to clarify my thoughts.

My husband and I are both retired educators who were compelled to adapt and were also immersed in tech culture.

Now retired, we find many of our peers struggling with applications we find routine simply because their experience was different than mine, or yours, and the younger generations who have tech incorporated in the schoolhouse since the 80’s.

It is important to validate their frustration when it comes to using platforms that are increasingly intuitive and intimidating.

No “ageism” intended, simply another perspective.

Oh, thank you! I never intended my post as an insult or slight to anyone! My husband and I are both seniors who, due to being educators, were not only compelled to adapt, but were immersed in a technology culture. We have discovered that many of our peers (now outside a work environment) have not had those opportunities and struggle with applications that seem rudimentary to me. My comment was to give perhaps younger, more tech saavy users another perspective but not to disparage anyone.

Heh, unintentional fumble, posting the same thing 2x (with edits).

I’m a GenXer, and have recently been on the receiving end of “tee hee older person and technology” comments. Mainly, I’m noticing it from younger Millennials around 30 years old. Their parents are likely to be Boomers, so Gen X doesn’t really exist (and we are far fewer in numbers). To them, those of us who are 42-57 may as well be lumped in with people who are considerably older, and they don’t seem to understand that most of us were using PCs by high school or college.

@MelindaW Thank you for clarifying and doing it so graciously.

From 12 years experience with TrustedHousesitters and someone who had to adapt from traditional marketing to digital I know there are many across the age spectrum, who struggle with the technology and not just at TrustedHousesitters …

We are all different and the way you expressed your point just amplifies how even one word, or in this case two, “older users” can be misinterpreted, even unintentionally offend, Unfortunately today we need to qualify much of what we write …

A while back we ran an IG (Instagram) competition which required using a hashtag in the submission. One member called the Membership Services Team saying was there another way that they could enter as they didn’t “own a hashtag” on the back of that call I had to remind younger team members that there are those who have no idea what a hashtag is, have never used one and neither do they actually care …

A few years back I was at the Horse of The Year Show, the very popular Christmas event, during the interval the audience was invited to tweet a greeting to family and friends which would then appear on a large screen and of course on the event’s Twitter feed …

My daughter asked me “How do you send a tweet Mummy?” my young adult daughter who was brought up on computers, is an ER & Critical Care Veterinary Surgeon with a very sharp IT skill set, she just doesn’t have that particular IT “skill” …

PS … Please no one berate me for calling the ability to use Twitter a skill, I was simply making a point … :wink:

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You are so kind. Thank you.

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