Pre Sit In-person Interviews

I’m doing my first pre-sit meet for a sit in August in Putney. I happen to be in London for another sit not too far away and since it will be a long sit am fine meeting in advance. The sit is already confirmed.
On the other hand, I never met the HOs on my second sit. They were leaving before I arrived and returning after I left. And I’ve done a number of other never-met sits.

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I was in Philly on a sit and while there, received an invitation from another HO there. I was not available for her dates but suggested getting together to meet with an eye on future dates. I went over to their house on a Sunday afternoon and had a fantastic visit. They served me ice tea and a piece of homemade cake and we talked and talked. Since I could not be there for their dates, I offered to watch their adorable! dog in my home. The logistics would be a little complicated, we tried to work them out, but in the end, it didn’t happen. The husband’s sister was able to watch the dog.

At another sit, I was invited over to a neighbor’s home – they were friends of the HO, to meet them and their two golden retrievers. My HO was trying to persuade them to join THS and they were hesitant but said they’d consider joining if I could watch their boys. Our dates didn’t coincide but I so enjoyed the visit!

On two other occasions, I have had in person meetings before accepting sits. The first was when I was first starting out. I hoped this would help me secure my first sit and it did. Another time, I went to meet the HO because she was nervous about leaving her dogs. I drove 1.5 hours and had to pay to park my car in a lot. This worked out great, we were a match, the sit went perfectly and we have stayed in touch.


I have also met up with the owners pre-sit on a few occasions.

In our first year of pet-sitting on another site, I applied for a 3 week sitting by the sea about
300 miles away. The owners were new to pet-sitting and apprehensive. We have friends that lived quite close to them so I asked the owner if she would like to meet our friends to discuss us!!
Off our friends went to view the house and it was a strange experience knowing that we were being discussed in our absence. Our friends did a grand job, they reported back to us that the cat, house and people were fabulous, they told the owners we would be ideal so the sitting was confirmed.
What a great sitting that was!


I had a ho ask for a friend of mine to phone her she needed reassurance I think so my ex husband phoned her he’s known me for a long time.

Hi @Vanessa-ForumCMgr Yes I think your are right : people are not aware of pet-sitting generally speaking here (kennel is very commun in France) and not at all about dog-sitting “for free”, as an exchange.

And also, when it is french people, speaking not so good english : it is sometimes hard for them to make sure they understood properly how it works, just by visiting the website.

As you say : when we meet french people as we walk dogs, we say “They are not our dogs, we are just taking care of them”, we are very often asked : how does it work ? For free ? Give me your address (we need to print a card with our THS profile) !

Since we’ve been house-sitting a lots in France recently (because of Covid, not going abroad) we did meet lots of our HO in advance. Next month we gonna sit Alpacas (!!! yeah) 2 h away from home and we’ve already met.

So yes I think meeting in advance can be a good thing for new member.
We do it when we have time, when it is not too far away, taking opportunity when we are staying in the area. But when it worth doing it we don’t hesitate. It can be rewardable !


Totally agree !

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I just tried something and it worked just fine!

Schan this QR Code with a smartphone camera and it will lead to my listing.
I simply copied the link and created the code with Qrafter, which is an app (free).
You can save it to your camera roll and have it printed on a business card. Like this nobody has to write down that lenghty link.

I just changed my header picture on my forum profile page and inserted the code, because I didn’t want to go against THS forum rules about posting the link directly, which a QR code actually is.

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I just scanned your QR code, it’s great. I’ll try

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I hope it worked @Flora
If it didn’t, let me know! I can do it in a minute and send you the picture.

Thank you, it works. I didn’t know it was possible to create a QR code. We learn a lot on this forum.:smile_cat:

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I use it for my jewelry website. I have it on brochures, business cards and on the back window of my car :rofl:
You can create a code for any website link you like.

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I house sit primarily in San Francisco, CA - and it’s not unusual for the owners to want to do either a video chat or meet in person - but the in person meeting is only if it’s convenience for me i.e. I don’t have to travel a long distance. Most owners are usually satisfied with a video chat, however.

I have had an in-person interview, after the phone call and I see nothing wrong with it… I would prefer to meet the pets, house and homeowners prior to my sit… This shouldn’t stop you for putting in more sits just in case it doesn’t work out…

Thank you for the tip @Düsenzofe !

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I can speak on phone but hate video calls my last call she said do you want to do a video call I said not keen but I can do it if you .wAnt. but she said doesn’t matter and was accepted right away…sometimes it’s a gut feeling you know when someone just fits.