Prepare for bad weather if you're on a sit #bombcyclone (USA)

if you haven’t already done so (and you’re not already in cold/freezing rain) consider doing some weather damage prevention things, like:

  • drip the faucets (

  • P. S. catch the water you’re dripping in a food-safe container like a large stockpot. It’s just normal water, so you can use it to cook, drink, give to pets, to water plants, etc.

  • disconnect and drain any outdoor hoses, and remove any fittings or attachments

  • find AND TEST a flashlight (hubby says power is out at my own house but I’m still ok where I’m house-sitting – for now!)

  • • • • what else can you think of?


-Have quick easy things for meals that do not always require cooking, sandwiches for example. (However just a note and it’s treated as a joke in southern states, but it’s serious :woman_facepalming: . Finding bread and or milk before a storm can be really hard by the way.)

-If there is a grill, having charcoal or fuel, will allow you to cook if the stove isn’t gas.

-Usually a bombcyclone or an artic blast are cold air, so if you lose power for a long period of time, and it stay below freezing outside, you can place items that need to be cold in coolers outside. However if you can avoid opening the fridge or freezer as long as you can.

-A hurricane trick to know the thaw level of food. Take a paper cup fill it with water, place a coin on top of the ice once it forms solid. Leave in the freeze, and when the power comes back on, and everything refreezes, you can see how much has thawed by where the coin is at. The closer to the bottom, I would consider tossing the food for safety reason.

“Most bacteria that cause disease grow fastest in the temperature range between 41 and 135 degrees F, which is known as THE DANGER ZONE.”

-Try to keep any electronics(Cellphone, laptop, ipad) on the charger in the event there is power loss, at least the battery is full. Or have battery packs all fully charged if you have them. If you can avoid being on them, turn on power saver mode to prolong the charge in between use.

-It’s rare but sometimes you have dogs that don’t like to use the bathroom on snow, any if you can put something down on a spot of grass, nothing huge, just a square that can be lifted to show grass, it can be a huge help for puppers. You sometimes see this with smaller dogs, I would think the HO may have warned this though.

I can’t think of anything else at the moment, but just a couple ideas that came to mind.

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After 18 years of taking my food safety certification, how could I have neglected to mention the DANGER ZONE!? Haha.

Pre-grind coffee beans.

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Ah yes, you have your priorities straight! ,:rofl::joy: