Problem updating membership from sitter to owner

I have been a sitter since 2018, for a whole year, and like most, had to pause during the Pandemic. Now we have a dog, our vaccins and hope to find a Sitter, I tried upgraded to COMBINED fore the past 2-3 hours, on Chrome, Safari and Firefox, but nothing works there is no button upgrade, no matter how much I upgrade too. Anyone knows something I might not have seen or understood ? Updating my profile in text worked, but nothing else…
I keep adding my dates and pet, but it disappears each time…So I don’t know how to reach out and share my profile and needs!! Thank you for your help.
Lyne Lefebvre, Montreal,
Sitter, now looking for a sitter for our dog Minuit.

(If anyone wants to sit in Montreal in July, please let me know…)


Good morning Lyne and welcome to the forum and happy to hear you are able to start contemplating house sitting again. It’s good to see things improving in Canada and across the world. However, I’m really sorry to hear that you are having problems upgrading to a combined membership. I’m passing your details onto membership services directly so that they can help you with this.

In the meantime, as another route to upgrade I’ve just tried this on my membership and it does work for me so it might be worth a try?

  1. Log in to desktop version on Chrome (you must be logged in)
  2. Go to footer and click “Pricing”
  3. This should show both your existing plan and the new tiers.
  4. Look up above your plan to where it says “Combined” - below this is a red box that says “Get care too from $XX more”
  5. Click on that red box.
  6. My plan then changes to say BASIC COMBINED with an UPGRADE now button

Let us know if that works and have a lovely weekend. All the best, Vanessa

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Thank you Vanessa, I will try once more, follow your advice step by step, and come back to let you know, but I feel that is what I have been doing all along…
Back soon! TX.

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the first time I did not understand and I upgraded from Basic sitter (139) to Standard (179 or so)…Now, that says Current plan. Now, if I click on. the red GET CARE too…I get Basic COMBINE which says -CHANGE PLAN- (and above it says : «Renew onto this plan at the end of your term» OR the 2 others which are in read, and say UPGRADE" and above they say : «Upgrade your remaining term». If I click on BASIC COMBINE (which is what I would like) nothing happens but to lead me to a page with basic infos. The address in the bar says «» but their is no billing bullet or anything. and I still can’t put up dates, or invite people it still says -upgrade- if I try to reach out to a sitter…

OK… definitely sounds like something is amiss. Let me give all this extra info to MS and they will get you sorted. They are on reduced hours at the moment because of the ongoing restrictions in UK so it may not be immediate over the weekend. I am sorry couldn’t help you in the interim.

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Thank you Vanessa, I’ll wait and see then.
I received an invoice for 13$, saying :JUN 26 - OCT 7, 2021
Remaining time on housesitter after 25 Jun 2021 1C$50.51
Unused time on housesitter after 25 Jun 20211-C$36.68
Does that sound like my membership has been cancelled?

Heading to bed, will read you tomorrow… Thank you.

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All passed to MS… don’t worry about any of it, they will get you straightened out and on the plan you want to be on. Apologies again that it wasn’t an easy process for you.

Hi @Lyne and welcome to the forum. Montreal is a wonderful city! I’ve stayed there many times in the past, before housesitting and really loved it. We are in the UK, so unfortunately wouldn’t be able to sit for you this year. We’d love to look after Minuit some time in the future though, when we can all travel freely again.

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Thank you Vanessa, very nice and reassuring to get feedback from you so quickly!
Have a lovely Saturday.


Hello Debbie, thanks for your kind email,
will be happy to invite you and your family to sit, if ever our first floor is empty, since our top floor home is otherwise quite small kids would need to sleep on the kitchen floor ;-! Our kids moved out years ago (they are 30-31-33), and since, we have their downstairs room and bathroom, small kitchenette space for friends, traveling family, or longer term friendly roomates (like these past 2 years), since the 2 stories are both independent or, can communicate. This year we would have not been able to have a family but in the past, we did when we went on sabbatical with Trusted House sitter. Hope all gets easier in UK as well!

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PS maybe I missed something, but many people have the @name when they correspond. Is that a useful function to know someone wrote to you by receiving a notification?

Yes, when you type @ and then start typing the name it pops up a list of people to select from and they will get a notification.


@Lyne Hi Lynn - I’ve just had a message from Katie in Membership Services to say she’s emailing you now to get this sorted, if you could look out for her correspondence. Thanks for your patience. All the best, Vanessa

Hi Vanessa,
James has already removed me from that particular job. Thanks.

Hello Vanessa, Someone named Lynn just replied, but that is not me??

I see that… I think I tagged the wrong Lynn… I am sorry!

Apologies Lynn… I tagged the wrong “Lynn” :slight_smile: Sorry again and have a good evening, Vanessa

Ok I will wait for «Katie in Membership Services » then.
Thank you

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Kathie replied, thank you. I did too but not sure it worked. Site seemed jammed.
I wrote ;

«Hello Kathie thanks you for your help! It all works now. I went back to my previous sitter-traveler membership, since in the meantime, a friend will come and home sit our dog for this time which we needed to find quickly and pandemic does not make things easy of course. Thank so much for your help, all was very clear.»


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