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Hi everyone. I’ve been sitting for about 10 years, and on the app for 6 months. Everything was going great but in this new system I keep getting rejected, or HOs ghost me right before a video chat then reject my application with no word ((twice in the last month). Anyone want to take a look at my profile, I feel like there must be some glaring turnoff because I have plenty of experience, references, photos, etc. It’s becoming really hard to book for the next few months due to this new HO behavior. I just don’t know why they would reject without a word when usually I always get a note saying why. Tia.

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Hi @auderary,

Welcome to the forum and to using TrustedHousesitters!

I went ahead and added your profile link to your forum profile so that members can take a look. You certainly have great reviews and have been able to accomplish a fair amount of sits in these six months. I really can’t see anything wrong with your profile at all. It could be that the HO’s have just been too busy to give explanations to applicants? I’ve had sitters that I declined inquire further as to why we denied their application and I was more than happy to give them further insight into what made our decision. You may want to reach back out and ask? if they give no further response then I would just put it away and move on. You’ll get plenty of new and possibly better sits in the near future.

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Hi @auderary I suggest you delete the first sentence under your heading the reason you want to be a sitter. I understand what you are saying, as a digital nomad you haven’t had your own pet, but by using the phrase you are unable to give a pet a stable home they need to thrive sounds very negative to a home owner. They could interpret that to mean their own pet wouldn’t have a stable home while they are away with you as their sitter.


Thank you so much for this great advice. I knew there was something off in my profile that another experienced sitter would spot. I’ve updated it based on your thoughtful feedback, cheers!


Thank you so much for the feedback and kind words! I will consider everything you said in the future. However, after a few more video chats this week, I and the HOs i spoke with are still greatly inconvenienced/totally screwed by the 5 applications limit system, which you are well aware. Thanks again for taking the time!

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