Profile info that a possible new member can read before joining THS

Hello fellow members

Maybe this subject has been discussed before and if so my apologies in advance but I do have a question regarding what profile info non members can see and read before deciding to join THS.

I very actively recommend TrustedHouseSitters often and understand that contacts and others unknown to me are even giving out my referral link to others but it appears that very few join at least via the same link to my knowledge.

I am wondering if there is a way that a non member can read more profile information that might encourage them to sign up and become a member as from what I can see if someone gives out my profile link with or without a referral code included non members cannot access any information or read views and references about me and Cesc which may encourage them along to take that next step.

Am I missing a trick here? My wish is just to help give more confidence for others to join and continue to grow this fantastic platform and it appears to me that the inability to do this leads to many direct invitations ( some even offering to pay handsomely to have us to sit) and to many an awkward rejection on my part by trying to stay loyal to THS.

Feedback welcomed :slight_smile:

Hi @NigelLovell

Thanks for the question. How it works is that anyone new coming onto the site, would need to create a partial account with email and password.

As a partial member they can:

  • Browse the site
  • Open and view listings and sitter profiles

They cannot

  • View the number of applications on a listing
  • They cannot create a profile or a listing
  • They cannot apply or send a message to another member
  • They cannot create saved searches

If a member has a partial account and they want to become a paid member - they can log into this account via the website and click ‘Join Now’ to continue the steps to through to payment.

If a person has joined as a partial member, and then later tries to use a RAF code, this will not work as it is only for New members coming to the site for the first time and not partial members. When they initially come onto the site, they need to immediately join using your RAF code. If you do know of a friend struggling to use your RAF code, do contact support as they can help.
I hope this helps.
Best wishes