Prospective sitter has multiple 4 star and 3 star reviews recently

Sorry not to reply earlier

Agree with most of you its subjective

However in my mind if a HO or 4 mentioned my cleanliness and tidydiness as a sitter being poor i would acknowledge it

Sitter response is " prove it and provide pictures" and attack " never want to deal with these homeowners again" or " it was a minor issue and not a problem as I left a note to explain why I damaged your property"

That was why i was nervous


Doesn’t seem like someone who should keep getting sits.

I wonder whether the sitter had lined up a bunch of sits based on their previous good reviews and the other hosts didn’t realize that the sitter’s subsequent reviews went downhill before their sit. Good thing you checked and dodged a bullet.

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@Maggie8K :joy: i guess that answer shows my point. I would find that response aggressive but others may just find it assertive or ‘obviously true’. Anyway the HO has given some examples of the sitters responses, which do seem to be over the top and not taking responsibility so she clearly made a good decision in cancelling the sitter. :+1::+1::blush:

Shrug. I consider it common sense that subjectivity is involved when choosing any sitter. So if you find me aggressive, then it would be logical to avoid having me sit for you if you hosted (if I even wanted to sit for you). What difference would someone else’s opinion matter in that case, since you’re the one who’d have to interact with the sitter and presumably you’d want someone you’d get along with if they’re going to take care of your pets and home. Would anyone else liking them matter if you didn’t?

Trust your gut!!! I’d trust recent reviews > older reviews. I might address these concerns with the home owner & see how they respond to my inquiry/concerns.