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Not sure how this fits into the categories really as 2 or 3 options appear suitable to me. Maybe admins can move topics as appropriate?

This morning a dream-sit has appeared on the site. Dream for us of course, each to their own but this is 90 minutes from our home, lovely dogs, pleasant looking owners etc so we have saved it as a favourite for the future because we can’t do the published dates.

However, the listing says “ We live [in two countries]and we move frequently between the two. We are looking for someone who can look after our home and dogs when it is not possible to travel with them”. Further in the detail, it is clear that this will be a recurrent listing.

So, we really would like to be able to introduce ourselves to the HO & say we are nearby; we could be available to them at short notice in the future, or even just to make contact with expats in a friendly way:

  1. I suppose there is no way to do this within THS? (Hence the discussions about contacting other members). And;

  2. What is the protocol about using “apply now” just to make contact, very politely, rather than not applying? (I used this to ask a question once and got a bare rejection & no answer).

Finally; I don’t suppose Jeremy, Brenda & Audrey are beta testers here are you :wink:?


Interesting question. We had exactly the same issue a couple of years ago and I used the apply option just to introduce ourselves. The owners agreed the sit, we tried to explain it was just an ‘intro’ but it all got a little confused.
Sorted out eventually but would have been easier just to connect outside of the sit vacancy.

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What, they chose you even though you weren’t available :joy:? It does just highlight the need for a channel of communication (@Angela this isn’t the first time you’re hearing this!!)


Strange huh?

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@Saltrams @Jon-JWalking

As an owner I have had sitters who were not available for my dates intro themselves and ask to be considered for future dates. As a sitter when I have been contacted by owners and I’m not available and it’s a sit I would apply for I reply with a … “Please keep me in mind for next time” and owners have done exactly that.

If the owner is new and I feel they might benefit from an experienced member’s advice, I do what I can to help which is always appreciated.

I have also introduced myself to owners if the sit is one I would have applied for … they added me to their favourites and I’ve been contacted for future dates.

I make it absolutely clear that it’s simply a “Hello I’m Angela etc etc” … it’s all in the messaging and the purpose and style of communication.


10 days ago a lady from London asked for a sitter but coming from France I wrote to her quarantine made the sit impossible if it prevented me from going outside during the length of the sit. I gave her my phone if she wanted to contact me in the future, she sent me that very day a message via whats app. So yes, some owners might keep you in mind…

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