Question about photos

Hi @mgp and welcome to the forum! First, I would suggest that you add your listing to your forum profile by following these instructions:
How to add your listing or profile to your forum profile

You will reach more prospective sitters this way and forum members will be able to give you helpful feedback.

I think you should include a picture of your room with your bed to start and mention that sitters will have a choice of the master bedroom or the guest room that will soon have a new sofa bed. Most, but not all, of the sofa beds I’ve slept in have not been comfortable. One of my homeowners had one-I think it was from Ikea and like @Karen_E mentioned, it was foam and was very comfortable. I also have one in a sectional sofa that has an inflatable air mattress that goes on top of the regular mattress and it’s one of the most comfortable beds in the house. If yours is exceptionally comfortable, mention that. When it arrives, you can add a picture of it in the guest room. The nice thing about that is that you’ll be able to offer use of a second bedroom, as well.

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