Question of the week: What brought you to TrustedHousesitters?

Had been sitting for a colleague of mine who moved on to another position and she mailed me to tell me about all her new cat crazy colleagues. She then went on to tell me that one couple had done some sits for THS and that it most certainly would be something for me. Having just said oodbye to my last cantankerous old lady tabby Poespuss and considering whether or not to take on another I decide THS would be e great between alternative. My first sit was for a beautiful but fragile mini black panther called Little One. He stole my heart from minute one and have tried to find sits after that for animals who are like him older and need that litlle bit extra care


Hi @SuatTHS Welcome to our community forum, crazy cat lady fan … it’s great to have you join. Thank you for introducing yourself and for sharing your story, we hope this will be the first of many visits.

Sitting senior pets is so special I looked after a beautiful senior Burmese call Izzy 9 times and we sadly lost her just after her 21st birthday she gave many sitters some wonderful memories and touched many hearts.

Thank you for being part of our caring pet loving community.

Angela & The Team

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Angela yes, the oldies often really sweet and loving so you just want to spoil them whilst you get the time to enjoy them. Have had a few more “special” kitties after Little One and they have all been such lovelies. Going to look after another special kitty next week. Great to be with THS !!

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We were on an around the world trip and heard that pet sitting was a great way to slow down the pace of travel without blowing your budget. After doing sits via country specific websites we did some research and found THS has the largest number of listings and the best website. So we became members.


Hello from the state of Maine, USA!

My husband and I learned about trusted housesitters when I did quite a bit of research before we went jobhunting in Colorado in 2014. We had three Laperm kitty cats, and in short order so that trusted housesitters seemed the best possible choice. We were gone three months and we’re only able to meet the first house sitter. The sitters wrote in a journal that I left for them and sent photos regularly. Our kitties became attached to each one, often leaving toys in their shoes just before they left. It has been fun to watch the company grow now that it’s been almost exactly 7 years we have been with trustedhousesitters.

We stay in touch with many of our sitters and they have become dear friends. I don’t expect that to change, but become even more so with relationships in the times ahead.


Hello @K.Land what a lovely story thank you so much for sharing.

Welcome to our community forum, it’s wonderful that you have joined, bringing seven years of experience with you, we cannot wait to hear more of your stories and we’re sure you have many insights to offer.

The connections we make are so special and yes many lifelong friendships develop when our pets bring us together, a shared love and a shared passion.

Enjoy the conversations and meeting other members from all over the world.

Angela and the Team

Welcome K.Land, I’m delighted to see more and more owners introducing themselves, I hope you’ll stay on this forum, too many sitters and only a few owners participate. (I’m both)


I’m here because I travel a couple times a year… once for 2 weeks and secondly for 4 weeks. I may also take several 1 week trips but I hate leaving my two small pups and I won’t board them. I can’t afford the prices that are now being asked for house and pet sitters and my grandchildren have grown up and have busy lives and are no longer available to stay at my house… so here I am!! I want to join but I’m concerned that being in a small city in Wisconsin that sitters will be hard to find. October is lovely here but the month of Feb when I need help it can get pretty cold and snowy. Do you think there would be problems in finding sitters?

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Hello @Javadee welcome to our TrustedHousesitters community forum and thank you for joining from Wisconsin.

Sitters choose locations for many different reasons, it’s not always the well known or most popular as they are not tourists but pet loving travellers who have chosen a unique travel lifestyle, each and every pet sitting stay is a new experience.

We may view where we live as ordinary after all everything is so familiar but it’s new to sitters, they see different, an opportunity to meet new pets and people and have a new experience in a place they might otherwise never have seen or could be visiting friends and family, staying close but being independent.

With the the Standard or Premium Owner membership is a money back guarantee if you do not receive any sitter applications within 14 days of posting your first listing. Our Membership Services Team would be able to advise you and I believe a chat with one of the team would be very helpful, I’m going to connect you with @Katie-MembershipServices to continue the conversation.

You’ll find great information here and on the website blog Owners |

Enjoy connecting with other members.

Angela & The Team

Your post was encouraging. I’m giving the joining serious thought. Ty!!!

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