Question of the week: What’s the weirdest sleeping position you’ve captured a pet in?

Happy Monday everyone, and what better way to kick off the week than with some adorable pet photos?

This week, we’d love to see the weirdest (funniest, or cutest!) sleeping positions you’ve ever captured a pet in.

Share your photos below!


My time to shine! I have so many photos of sleeping pets… :rofl:

Let’s start with Jem the Saluki. One of my all time favourite dogs. He’s an incredibly gorgeous and affectionate long boy… but he can’t sleep normally! :joy:

Not sure how well you can see this, but this is Macintosh, a large dachshund. He got kicked out of his dog bed by a couple of bengals… so he’s sleeping in their teeny bed, not sure how he actually got in there!

But to be fair this photo is of those said bengals in Mac’s bed… so cute! :sparkling_heart:

Here’s another cutie! This adorable ball of fluff is Jessie, she’s a Chihuahua-German Spitz cross. So so cute!

Finally it’s only fair after sharing unflattering photos of sleeping pets to share one of me… This is with the cutest miniature pugs Agghia & Gioia.


My drathaar, Jim

Jim pionce 3

Nuage, my border collie

Foudre, my griffon Beauceron & Zig

Tahoe, the new puppy



A while ago we asked the same question on our Facebook page, the results were hilarious, this puppy pic was especially awwww worthy.


Fresh pile of warm laundry = cozy bed! She growled if you come close and tried to put things away!

One of my favorite cats ever, loved to sleep in a seal pose!

Face plant…


That is a typical BC sleeping position

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I think that is a sighthound thing, it’s affectionately known as ‘roaching’ in the greyhound/sighthound community. My girl does it all the time!

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Too many to include in this one comment, bbut hopefully these will brighten your day.
Tilly is a rescue Galgo Espanol (spanish greyhound mix) and she loves awkward sleeping positions.

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This morning


I reckon there’s a biscuit down there but she … can’t … quite … reach

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Not quite lady like … :see_no_evil:

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