Questions posed with no response from questioner

I’ve noticed that sometimes someone will start a thread on the forum asking a question to which a lot of members give their answers, sometimes at great length and well thought out. So it’s annoying when the questioner doesn’t respond at all. Obviously I can’t name any names but I’m sure you can think of some, or maybe even be guilty yourself.
(Note to self: make sure to respond to members :joy:)


Yes, i have noticed this too and even as one who mainly reads im quite interested in how the reply reflect with the.questioner.
I also find its just manners to get back to people too who put their time in to advise.
Obviously sometimes i understand there could be circumstances whereby its maybe not possible.

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Yes exactly @Gina, it’s polite to respond to the members who spend time answering/helping. Hopefully people know who they are!

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