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My old boy Duffy.


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How old is he?

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Sadly no longer with us. He got a brain tumour about 4 years ago, he was about 14. That was when I decided to start travelling and sitting.
I have had dogs for over 30 years, all rescues except 1, who was actually a puppy of a rescue. Didn’t leave Scotland for about 7 years while I was looking after some fosters - English Springer spaniels had 5 over 5 years.


Peter we are so sorry for your loss, 4 years on but often time is immaterial.

Springers are a very special breed (all dogs are special of course) I’ve had 6 of and losing Holly my last and heart dog began my pet and housesitting journey, a way of healing my heart … and it did.



I got my first Springer in 1989, from the dog and cat home in Glasgow, a lovely old man whose owner had died. only had him a couple of years, but that started my love for them. 2nd was about 1993, again from D+C home, a spur of the moment visit, and i already had another dog. My last 2 were again rescues, but from a charity which only rescues Springers. Duffy, above and Ollie.
Ollie, a “special” boy. Not sure what the human term would be. Autistic, schizophrenia - he was the most gentle, loving dog - most of the time. But could turn for no reason. Outside he was great - loved playing, great on walks and with other dogs, but inside he was always very wary. He had 3 deformed paws, only 3 toes on each, and other problems. Hated getting dried, was a nightmare to get his hair cut…but probably my favourite dog of all time…strange. I learned a lot from looking after him for 5 years, and this has probably helped me now looking after so many dogs when I am sitting.

Ollie and Duffy.

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A lovely story and photo @Petermac thank you so much for sharing …

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:laughing: Great picture and title! Not to mention, beautiful pup.

Sorry to hear about his passing. It’s never easy but thankfully we can always keep the memories of the pets we’ve lost.


A dog’s loss is so painful. Last spring i faced my Border collie’s illness (lung cancer) then death. I was supposed to take him with me on my last sit, the owner suggested that. How kind !

But Nuage left us, in june, before we went to pet sit in England

My husband did not want to take another dog , scared he would become an orphean one day as we are in your seventies but i insisted. Pet sitting is fine but i need a dog at home.

A puppy for sure is a hard job (i had forgotten as my 2 former dogs were rescue ones and older), but a young dog will make us walk, run play, keep us young .

And our cat, neurasthenic since Nuage 's vanishing, seems happy again (except when the pup jumps on his back or bites his tail)


Great picture and happy memories


Snap, Angela, here’s my old boy (the last of several border collies we owned) determined to fit into the bed of a visiting cocker spaniel… never one to be easily defeated. A month later he had to be put to sleep and we decided “no more pets”. I was soon missing a dog to walk but fortunately a lady I had chatted to on our walks asked me if I would housesit for her and her dog and two cats. I didn’t need asking twice! Then a friend told me about THS and so began my pet sitting journey.