Ratio pet sitting opportunities/pet sitters to-day

Observation 10th of June 2021 french time 8.11 am

There are 58 house and pet sitting opportunities in France

There are 554 house and pet sitters from France

There are 674 house and pet sitting opportunities in United States

By the time I added the print screen there were 5 more opportunities !

There are 10538 house and pet sitters from United States

There are 440 house and pet sitting opportunities in United Kingdom

There are 5661 house and pet sitters from United Kingdom

Any comment ??


Yes… it’s really encouraging to see so many house sits available again and this is just 3 countries out of 130 around the world where TrustedHousesitters operates! It is such a busy time again. Thanks for sharing.

This is a snapshot in one moment as you say - there may be 440 sits in the UK today, but many more will have been already filled in the previous days of the month and more will come available tomorrow. Sitters will already have sits booked or only be looking for sits at specific times of the year. Some take pet care vacations just once a year, or while being registered in one country are looking for sits in other countries. But yes, very very happy to see such positive rebound for the house sitting community :slight_smile:

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Yes, it’s bound to have some effect. These are unusual times after such a lull then such a rebound, but I’m sure it will level off again as things settle. This is also why it’s so good to have this forum for members to help and encourage each other, particularly when starting out.

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Just adding the sitters up from these 3 countries, that gives 16753
Based on the new tiered memberships, the standard is $40 more than the basic

So 16753 X £40 is $US 670,120

If we add on all of the other countries and then all of the HOs the extra revenue that THS is charging is eye watering

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The UK sit numbers have steadily climbed over the past week or so … even though technically, none of us can leave the UK! During lockdown last year, at its lowest, the sits advertised for England numbered only 58!

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Hi Itchyfeet !
Even though I would get only one sitting through the year, I would think this would cover more than my annual fees. Chicago’s hotels or Airbnb for exemple are so expensive. I petsat a cat some years ago for 5 days and had plenty of time to visit.
With all the employees who lost their jobs and the businesses who did not survive the pandemic, let’s enjoy the fact that with these £, THS will be able to go ahead and hire back their staff.
Just a different opinion here.


Australian opportunities are not many : 182

but already 3905 sitters living there (they might want to sit elsewhere)

New Zealand have quite a lot of members too : 805 For only 182 opportunities.

Other pet sitting opportunities in Europe are few.
So far, only 19 in Spain and 11 in Italy for many more sitters,

But as you noticed, there are many members. I would be curious to know how many will choose the basic, standard or premium. I’m not sure we shall be able to know… It must be confidential !

Is it the number of sitters or owners which has decreased which has pushed THS to change their tariff ??

I can see these figures as I have 2 caps : owner and sitter. Can sitters, who are only sitters, see how many sitters live in their country ???

Hi @Provence the pandemic hit the entire world with unprecedented challenges for the individual and businesses, everyone is still in recovery mode, TrustedHousesitters is no different.

We survived COVID by taking unprecedented steps and we lost valued colleagues and members, which still hurts, after all we are a close, caring and sharing community. We will always be so grateful to our community who stood firmly behind us.

Our recovery is happening which means our members will be able to get back to enjoying the wonderful lifestyle we have all come to love and enjoy.

Changes to our product and the membership plans have been a long time in the making, even before the pandemic.

Changes are a long and involved process and at every stage we involve existing and partial members through extensive consultations, making certain we are introducing changes which will ultimately benefit everyone, however we accept that there will always be a portion of members who may disagree or not want change at all. Every company needs to evolve and grow, without growth we cannot bring new opportunities to every member of our community.

Member success is the priority of TrustedHousesitters and our focus is to increase owner activity and listings which is happening now in real time, the recovery is gaining pace … listings are on the increase on an hourly basis with the US leading the pack and while these number do show what is happening in certain markets, the complete picture is far more complex that’s why we have a very focussed and expert data squad.


Hi Angela, I read many posts about a few sits offered, and now about sits opportunities increasing but no positive answers.

i think it’s important we realize the competition is high.

Of course these figures don’t explain everything, as many canadians, australians (for example) might want to sit in Canada or Australia (huge countries compared to mine) but also in another country than theirs.

I thought giving this information (the ratio is huge in favor of owners) is important for all of us.

Will the competition decrease with the change of tariffs, another good question…

HI @Provence, thank you.

There are locations which will always be incredibly popular and where competition is always going to be high and because of the post pandemic climate we are currently experiencing that situation has been amplified, likewise there are locations which are not oversubscribed even in our post pandemic TrustedHousesitters climate, that’s not to recognise that there are challenges, however we are working incredibly hard across all markets to improve the situation for all of our members and our strategies and tactics are working.

Also we there are certain aspects of the current climate which are out of our control like everyone we are looking forward to the world returning to normal, or should we say the “new” normal.

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I would also imagine there are plenty of sitters, like us, who have no intention of booking any sits right now but have maintained their membership.

I’ve never looked at the number of sitters who happen to live in a certain country nor seen them as my “competition.” I’ve always considered the entire world of sitters as my potential competition but for an individual sit, the only real “competitors” are the handful who actually apply for the same sit.


I have asked why I was not consulted. I have had no answer.

Hi @LTD I’m really not sure what you are referring to as the only comment I can see on this thread from you is the one below …

… to your post yesterday, 10th July (above).

I don’t know if anyone has addressed the Australia/NZ issue, but there is a simple reason why there are so few sits and (seemingly) a lot of sitters.

Australia is closed off from the rest of the world. The borders are shut, including most internal (state to state) borders. No citizen or permanent resident can leave without gaining permission from the Federal government, and only then in cases of compassionate leave (i.e., parent is dying overseas) or leaving the country more or less permanently. A two-week hotel quarantine on the return is mandatory (unless you’re rich and famous or a sportsman) and costs A$3,000. Airfares to and from are obscene. Since many state borders are shut, people are not even able to travel at will within the country.

No non-citizens or permanent residents are allowed in (with few exceptions as mentioned).

NZ is in a similar situation, minus the internal borders since it’s so small.