Really Disappointed Since Joining

@Joandacat I encourage you to consider @CreatureCuddler 's advice. I’ll add a link to the instructions, for your convenience. We regularly hear of success stories from those who have incorporated the suggestions of supportive forum members.

How to add a link to your listing in your forum username/profile

Hi Doug,

I would suggest you to keep looking.

I’m based in the UK and I have just accepted a lovely lady from the US for August and a family from Belgium/La Reunion Island to come and sit for our kitties.
The American lady actually mentioned the same to me in regards of locals.
I don’t have any problems for someone coming from anywhere.
If you can be here for my requested dates and I feel you’re a good fit, you’re more than welcome to come.
I hope I’m not the only one thinking this way :blush:


Hi Lina,

I’m experiencing the same problem.
We mainly joined to find sitters for our kitties whilst on holiday however me and my partner both decided to upgrade our membership and give house/pet sitting a go.
I have sent 3 request for pet sitting and none of them has bothered to read the messages.
That’s a bit rude and frustrating , if you don’t want me to sit it’s fine but at least read the message or let me know.
Hopefully we’ll find something :blush:

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Hello @Emanuela and welcome to the forum. You might find it useful to add a link to your listing and/or sitter profile in your forum username. Members can often give constructive feedback that makes a positive difference. I’ll add a link below, for your convenience:

How to add a listing or profile link to your forum username/profile.

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Hi @Snowbird thank you for taking your time In replying. I think I have added the link to my profile and any constructive feedback is welcomed :blush: however do you think this will have an impact on people reading messages please ?
Thank you !

Hi @Emanuela It’s great that you’ve added your sitter profile to your forum username. Now I hope you’ll get feedback, in particular from homeowners as to what they look for in a sitter.

My initial reaction is that your listing could be improved by adding more details. Perhaps read some profiles of other sitters to get some ideas. For example, I can’t tell whether you’re hoping to take your pets with you, and that’s a really important point.

I’ll add a link here you may want to look at, for Top tips for first-time house sitters. Although you may plan to elaborate in your application, your sitter profile should give the homeowner a good enough introduction to decide whether they want to consider you.

Unfortunately, it does happen that homeowners don’t reply to sitters, or that the emails are not being received by the sitters. Make sure to check your email settings both on your account and your phone settings on the app, if you use it. At times homeowners get frustrated at not hearing from sitters, which can be caused by these settings being overlooked. I will add that your message will show as unread on the website if the homeowner read it on the app only. However, a reply is always warranted, out of courtesy.

Hopefully you’ll get feedback from other forum members. Remember that everyone means well and although you’ll get a range of input, at least please consider what everyone suggests as it’s based on their experiences.

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Hi @Snowbird thank you so much for your tips.
I will definitely have a look at others profile and take inspiration from them.
I do get emails and notifications from the app as soon as I get a message.
Hopefully more feedback from homeowners will come so that I can make my profile even better.
Thank You :blush:

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FWIW, as soon as I apply for a sit, I archive my message and move on. In my experience, the vast majority of HOs either never read or respond to messages so I learned not to dwell on them.


You must apply to a lot of sits eh? We only apply to one at a time, and if they don’t reply within a day or two and there’s another equally good sit, we might let them the first know we are applying for others at the same time.

I think that must be the difference between occasional sitters and nomads (or people who do a lot of sitting in general). There’s more to organize for nomads whereas we are just planning a month-long trip so there’s less pressure.

Yes, I generally apply for multiple sits at one time because I can sit at any time. I’m sure it’d be different if I had a specific time period that I was trying to fill.

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Hi there - I have read all replies and helpful comments on your profile. One additional point I would add - who is going to be house sitting, you mention wife and daughter but it might be worth mentioning if you are traveling as a family or with your wife or just yourself. The locations I have for house sitting - either at my chalet in Switzerland or my house in France are a little remote and I worry about having someone there who is traveling on their own that they might feel a little isolated. So I often choose a couple of family - but i have also had people on their own for a shorter sit. You might also mention some practical experiences you have of maintaining a home - the art side is great and this is your passion but HOs are also looking for someone who can find and turn off the water if there is a leak, call a plumber etc. and are comfortable to take on some small maintenance tasks e.g. cutting the lawn. I usually look for a balanced overview of someone’s experience with animals, looking after a property and interests to know if my place would be someone that they could pursue their interests easily during the sit. Hope you find some sits soon - and I agree with the other posters - apply for some not so interesting places to gain experience. Also be first to apply - often I take the first applicant - as long as this seems to be a match.


As a solo traveler who generally tries to avoid being around other humans, please let us decide this. If you put in your listing that your location is very isolated and they apply, then that means they’re fine with it. I hate when HOs limit their sits to couples because they are afraid I won’t want to be alone.


Seems that this has offended you, not sure why - perhaps there is an underlying issue here that might be an interesting topic for the forum single vs couples vs families for house sits. I have had single people sit and have let them decide. As I said I usually take the first applicant but as there is not an independent matching service here then the final choice does lie with the HO. However if you feel that single sitters are discriminated against by HOs then perhaps raise this with THS and consider if this is a topic that needs further investigation. best wishes Judith.

I’m not offended, and I don’t think solo sitters are discriminated against. I just think many people who are part of a couple have a hard time imagining being ok solo for an extended time and then project that onto others. As a result, they don’t take solo sitters due to their own hangups rather than an actual problem.

You say you worry about accepting a solo sitter. I was simply encouraging you NOT to worry because we’re all adults and if someone is comfortable enough to apply, that should assuage your worry about them feeling isolated.

Thank you so much for that. I have now linked my profile to my sit listing but honestly, I’m not sure if I’ve done it right. If you have a minute to check it for me I would very much appreciate it. Thank you!

@Joandacat just jumping in while @Snowbird offline and until she responds. I’ve just fixed the link so your listing is now showing correctly :slight_smile:

Vanessa you are awesome thank you so much!


@Snowbird will I’m sure have some great suggestions for making your profile the best it can be but I did notice there aren’t any photos of BW… maybe a lovely picture of him would be a great place to start! Hope you get some enquiries soon :slight_smile:

Vanessa, Josephine’s description in her listing does say that BW is a bit shy … maybe he’s camera-shy too? :wink: @Joandacat , I’m curious to know what the BW stands for ???

I’ll be able to give some time to your listing later today, but hopefully other members will also share some of their suggestions.

Thanks so much for pointing out the lack of photos.

I had a dog to delete accidentally deleted BW’s photos too. I tried uploading more but it wouldn’t let me. I tried again and it wouldn’t let me. I’m trying right now and it still isn’t doing it. As soon as I can, I will get photos up there!