Red Flags?

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As with everything in life we learn through experience, pet and housesitting is no different. We look forward to hearing more about you and your TrustedHousesitters journey.

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Angela and the Team

@Colin @Angela-CommunityManager yes its definitely more what you would see on Workaway than a pet-sitting site (22 Workaway stays to date) and maybe they should be politely referred to Workaway? What concerns me is what one sitter comments on in the review they left and thats the HO speaking to them /sending them messages that the sitter felt uncomfortable with eg racist and sexist comments which I would think THS would be very concerned about; sitters sign up to look after animals not to have to deal with that sort of thing!


@carpediem @Colin I have flagged this listing. it is now sitting with Membership Services for the attention.


Yeah, I agree. I’ve seen some that I thought “no thanks” and others that looked absolutely charming. And usually, we have access to the house anyway to check on things, so it really does depend on the situation.

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@carpediem @Colin @Katie @Sittersue … The listing you are referring to has been taken off the site.

Thanks everyone

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are you sure? I just searched for it and it’s still there on my end.

@travellingnomad I saw the directive from Paul Head of Membership Services instructing it’s removal. The team are in a company wide meeting at the moment.

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Hi Angela. My comment is not related specifically to this issue, but rather to the response of THS overall to many suggestions that have been put forward on this forum, at least in the time I’ve been here. I so appreciate that, whenever possible, or thoughts and ideas are incorporated into changes. Let me tell you, I love now being a ‘Classic’ member, instead of a ‘Basic’ one :blush: My thanks to the THS team for truly listening to us and always being open to producing a better product. :clap:


Thank you @Snowbird it’s great to know that the forum is working for members in ways we intended.

The team monitor conversations closely and every week we have a meeting totally focused on Member Feedback, this covers all channels Membership Services, Trust Pilot reviews, Social Channels and the Forum of course.

These meetings give the Membership Services Team lead and Vanessa & I the opportunity to focus on particular member concerns with the wider team from all departments.

We do listen to our members but more importantly you are heard.


I would like for the new mainly young generation, pls HO is not your boss. You don’t get paid. It is mutual. If they didn’t disclose yard work or any other house project, you are not oblige to do.


It’s still on the site so don’t think it worked.

@travellingnomad As Angela says, we can see information that confirms that the sit is being addressed. Membership services will need to go through a process of contacting the owner and having a conversation about the sit, so it could take a couple of days :slight_smile: All the best. Vanessa


Yes, I have experienced this & it’s not nice!! Esp when they consider you to be ‘the help’ but your not even paid as ‘the help’!! Some people have completely the wrong attitude!! :cat2::cat2::cat2:

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