Referrals through Refer-a-friend

I have received confirmation of an additional 2 months due to a referral I made.
Is it possible, when this happens, to be told who joined as a result of referrals?

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Hi @Dawnie congratulations and thank you for helping to spread the word about TrustedHousesitters I’m going to tag @Therese-Moderator from Membership Services who will help to answer this for you when she is back online.

Thank you again …

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Thank you. I think it would be a really useful feature for advising sitters of successful referrals!

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I asked the same question and was told it was right on the page, but it wasn’t. I have no idea who were the last two referrals, giving me four more months. It would be great to know so I could thank them.

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Jumping onto this thread, I also received an email indicating that I had received an additional two months after a friend joined THS. Do the additional two months match whichever plan the sitter currently has @Therese-Moderator? For example, if a sitter has a premium plan, are the two additional months also for the premium plan? Thanks!

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@Dawnie @long1016 @Mary-Kay If you go onto your Dashboard on the website, look down the left side where it says Member Benefits. Scroll down and you will be able to click where it says Friends who have joined.


Thanks, @Temba! Are you using a computer or the app? On my computer, I don’t see “Member Benefits”. If I scroll down, I see four blocks categorizing different member benefits. The block on the right says, “Refer a friend”. At the bottom of that section, it says, “Your rewards: 2 free months”. Membership extended until September 2022." There isn’t any mention of a name.

I’ll check my app to see if it’s mentioned there.

Edited to add the following screenshot:

I can’t find members benefits on my app, so thought it might be on my laptop?

In the web site, I think this is your own dashboard listed in the menu under your name.

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Thanks @Flora! :grinning: The screenshot I posted above was of my dashboard. It’s of the section at the very bottom.

@Dawnie @Mary-Kay @long1016 @temba @Flora @Angela-CommunityManager
Thank you for your posts. I am sorry for this slight confusion.
Members who are Classic members @Dawnie will see a slightly different dashboard at the moment. Their refer-a-friend block is under Member Benefits and is on the left-hand side of their dashboard. If you click ‘Friends who have joined’ you will see the friends there. However, Standard, and Premium members will see the Refer a Friend block right at the bottom of their dashboard, on the right hand side. This big white block does not have the ability to let you know who has joined. It just shows the months added. I am still waiting for clarity from the tech team if the friends are going to be added in the future.
Standard and Premium members are seeing the start of our new dashboard, which once complete will be rolled out to all accounts. This is the beginning of our new website design.
I hope this helps clarify a little better and we are so sorry for any confusion and frustration.


Thanks @Therese-Moderator for indeed clarifying the differences re referrals depending on which membership members have. Also it’s interesting to learn the dashboard is undergoing a revamp. I hope the tech team definitely continue to make visible those friends who have joined through referral.


@Mary-Kay, it’s good Therese has clarified the differences in referral notification between memberships and the new dashboard design. I have a Classic membership, hence me seeing which friends have joined.


Thanks for clarifying @Therese-Moderator !

With reference to the question that I asked in post #4 above, are the two complimentary months the same membership level as a member’s existing level? For example, if someone has a premium membership, are the two months also at that level?


@Mary-Kay Apologies for missing this … yes, the months are directly added onto your membership account, whichever membership tier you have. ie. if you have a premium membership, the extra months simply extend that membership.


Thanks for the rapid response @Therese-Moderator ! It’s helpful to know that the cancellation insurance, etc. will still be valid during the additional two months.

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That is a different membership than ours. We have the upgraded version which does not show this info.

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Hi @long1016 If your RAF code has been used, you will always receive the added 2 months and this will reflect on your RAF block, but just at the moment it does not show who the friends are that used your RAF code, but I am still waiting on confirmation with tech if this feature will be added later.


Bumping this as I wanted to provide the referral link to a few people and to find out how it works.

@Katie here’s the information from the THS website: