Relations with THS (renewal subscription)

I received today a mail from Paul Maisey

*I noticed that your membership to our pet-loving community has expired, and wanted to get in touch to see if there was anything we could help you with.

Problem it is not true ! My subscription has not expired, it is valid until october 2021 as it is shown on my account

I answered with the proof of my account validity ( print screen) to Paul Maisey, but I received another mail, with this explanation :


I’ve reached my dashboard and again, My sbuscription is shown valid,

HOW can we reach the person who is in charge ?? How strange to send mails to members we can’t answer.
I paid already in august a few € to update before the expiration of my subscription, and I got 2 months more because I refered THS to a friend.

Why what is shown on my account is not knowN by the team in charge of renewals ??

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Hi @Provence - I’m going to have a quick look at your account and will get back to you. It sounds like something has gone awry, but don’t worry, if it’s a mistake it will get resolved.

For future reference, the email for membership services is and someone from the team will get back to you, but I’ll escalate this one on your behalf. I’ll DM you once I have some feedback. Take care, Vanessa


I’ve checked your account and it’s definitely showing as active as you say so at least you know there’s no issue there and doesn’t expire until 29th October. I’ve passed all the details over and as soon as there’s an answer as to why this may have happened I’ll get back to you.

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Hi again… Membership Services have confirmed your account is active and think that your recent upgrade may have caused a small glitch with the automated emails which they will check with the relevant department on Monday. Please be assured your account is all active and working as it should despite this email being received. All the best for now and have a lovely weekend… we have some fab summer weather again in France… lucky us!!

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@Provence @Vanessa-Admin I, too, received this email 10 July from Paul and my membership does not expire until Sep 8! I emailed membership services, including a photo of my account details showing expiry date, and when I had received no reply after 10 days I actually emailed Paul to his THS email address. No response from him! I finally received an email from Tanisha, Member Experience Executive (July 22), saying yes, I was correct, my membership did not expire until Sep 8 and apologised. Since then, every Saturday I have received a different THS email encouraging me to RENEW NOW! culminating yesterday with a repeat of Paul’s first email from July 10! I have again sent a reply to his personal THS email address expressing my dissatisfaction. Will I receive a reply this time?? I don’t really want to hear it was another glitch in the system as there seem to be a few too many of them lately. And I still have a couple of days to decide what I will do with my membership.


Hi @temba … I’m sorry about the delay in your response which likely coincided with the new phase of recruitment and training, which has resulted in membership services now being back to full strength. No excuse I know, just by way of a possible explanation.

I’m tagging @Paul-Admin here so that he will see this, but as mentioned to Provence, weekend investigation looks like it might be an issue with the automated emails, so we will refer this on Monday as it involves another department. Thank you both for bringing this to our attention and someone from the team will feedback once we’ve got an answer. Apologies again and all the best, Vanessa

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To add a comment, when i’ve been asked to upgrade late august, i was surprised i was far from the end of my renewal, but i chose nevertheless the medium fee, they added a few euros on my subscription still valid…

@Vanessa-Admin A week has passed since I wrote, you replied and tagged @Paul-Admin and I have heard from no-one. I had expected a reply before my membership fell due on Sep 8. No glitch or issue when it came to automatically deducting my renewal though! Yes, it’s a small issue in the scheme of things but it has annoyed me. Good communication is paramount for the success of this organisation and I feel let down by no acknowledgment from Paul to my two emails.


I’ve just referred this back to membership services for an update… I haven’t heard anything as yet so I would expect it is still under investigation. The email is part of an automated sequence and when this happens in just a few remote cases it can be hard to establish why. Bear with me.

Hi @temba

Firstly, I apologise that I haven’t personally responded to you. I have no emails from you showing in my inbox. I assure you that I would never ignore an email from a member.

As Vanessa has mentioned, these are automated emails. That said, they should be accurate and I apologise that you were sent the wrong information. We will investigate this issue as we do not want to cause any members unnecessary frustration.

Thank you for your patience with this.



Obviously there is à problem

To day i received a mail telling me it was time to book a pet sitter for summer (we are in autumn in 10 days… ) and inviting me to upgrade

May i remind THS my subscription is valid until the end of october?
You sound quie pushy…

I have forwarded to the Membership Services Team for their attention @Provence

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Thank you, Vanessa.

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Thank you, Paul. I hope I have sent you a DM and that I’ve done it right and it doesn’t come through as a public comment.

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Thank you. I have responded to you DM.

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Hello Paul, I’m still waiting for an answer…

i still have no answer by Paul or anybody else.
I think it’s strange when we all complain about lack of responses by owners or sitters that the team is mute sometimes…
If i can understand THS reminds members to renew, I don’t when the dead line is 2 months later, as if we had not renewed.

HI @Provence if your question is about the “Reminder Summer” email sent then this was not going to Paul for a response, I took it up with the MS Team and CRM who are looking into it … I will check to see if there is an update and will respond when I have an answer.

The question regarding your membership expiry was answered by Vanessa and the MS team.

Thanks Angela, but now I just received this mail

so obviously there is a problem.

Vanessa checked and I have renewed in august, and i upgratedd so i had to pay a little amount only until october (the end of my subscription).
i really thought it would be automatic in october only
Have a nice week end

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Thank you for the update @Provence you have a lovely weekend too.