Remember the old days....before smart phones

Before digital cameras and smartphones, how did you take pictures of your pets?
In the early 1990’s I got a gift of a voucher for a local photography studio and had a great couple of hours getting my 3 dogs to stay still together.
I found the pictures in an old album today.

The Springer Spaniel was Prince, or Mr P.
From the local dog rescue, I got him when he was about 7 years old, and we had a great 5 or so years together. He had a wonky eye.


The wee brown dog was Bruno, again from the dog rescue. He was a sort of corgi/terrier cross, may even have been a Lancashire Heeler - cattle dog. I had him for about 11 years. Lovely wee dog, very faithful. Hated the cold, slept under the duvet.

Finally Lucy, the only dog I have ever had from a puppy. Her mother was a goldie, from the dog rescue, and we were told she had been fixed, so it was a bit of a surprise when the 6 puppies arrived…I had Lucy for over 17 years.

This is one of my own pictures, probably from a camera with 12 or 24 pictures, then taken to get developed. Ah the good old days.
I have over 6000 pictures on my phone now, need to get some printed.

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What great photos. I can imagine it took ages to get all three dogs “posed”, something we amateurs rarely achieve which is why the odd brilliant shot before the pet(s) moved is always treasured.

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I use more often a digital camera today than my smartphone to take photos of my pets but in the early 90’ digital camera and smartphone did not exist.

I never “hired” a photographer so my pictures were not “professional” ones as Petermac’s, but it reminds me a hunting dog (breed : drathaar) I loved very much. This is a montage of 3 paper photos of Jim which have been scanned