Returning back to pet sits

Just did one of many return pet sits. This time near me on lovely Whidbey Island Washington State. Such a sweet dog. We watched the lunar eclipse over the lake as an otter payed us a visit. So fortunate to get offered return pet sits here and in Europe.


Sounds idyllic Dennis… I totally missed seeing anything about this latest lunar eclipse. Otters are such beautiful animals to watch. On the topic of repeat pet sits, after years of continual change and international travel, I’ve now become a real fan of repeat sits. It’s like “coming home”, there’s an air of familiarity, the pets remember you, and it gives more space to really enjoy the time with the pets and in the local area. When travelling so much it’s really lovely to have animals greet you like long lost friends! Are you hoping to get back to Europe anytime soon, this year or next?


I think there was a news story in the last few days about the container ships anchoring off Whidbey because of the backlog of shipping. And how the locals are being affected by the noise? Can’t remember the source.

We are planning to pet sit next Spring in Ireland and somewhere in the Alps for Theo to three months again