Right place, right time

Ok, which one of you lucky ……… got the December sit in Barbados?
Talk about quick on the draw, I literally saw it, composed my introduction and by the time I was half way through my application my husband announced it had gone!!

Ah well, whoever got it I hope you love it and remember to go to the fish night on Friday. We did.

“What’s for you, doesn’t go past you”. Have you ever landed the ultimate sit and been the envy of all your friends?


I loved telling friends that I was spending two weeks on the Gulf of Mexico. In truth, I’d never been to that part of Florida before … now I have two return sits backed up.
Anna Maria Island: Heaven on earth.



Two sits in Barbados, both in the same year … one at Christmas.
Six weeks in Manhattan, New York
Three weeks in a stunning farm house just outside of Epernay, France. Grape growers and suppliers to Moet & Chandon & three other prestige Champagne Houses. On arrival a fridge full of champagne and spare crate (in case we REALLY liked it and I did:) on departure a bottle with our own label, the cork of which we have yet to pop.

Friends and family “Wish we had your life” …

Our reply … You can!