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So I asked (see one of my previous posts on the Background Checks Topic, seemingly now closed for discussion) if I, a U.K citizen, could pay for and submit my own background check via the .gov.U.K. ID verification:DBS page, and this was the response from Paul, the Head of Member Services;

Hi Clare

Apologies for my delayed response. I have been collating all member feedback regarding the mandatory checks and speaking with the relevant people to provide the correct answers.

Unfortunately, we are unable to change this process for any members. The check will need to be completed via our platform. I do sincerely apologise that this is not the answer you were hoping for.

Kind regards

Sadly this is not the response I was hoping for, so likely won’t be staying on the platform after March 16th, or indeed referring anymore new members to the platform.

I honestly don’t see that this knee jerk change is to placate the new investors as they are a British investing company (Rockpool) not USA based, however one of the new executive board members is indeed American and ex PetCo; Brock Wetherup, and likely the one pushing for this.

A shame that a U.K founded and based company is bowing down to American pressure

Hi @claresitsdogs

Please refer your question/statement to the Membership Services Team as it is relative to Background Checks.

Thank you