Saved Search emails and notifications arriving too late

My question was do any notifications get sent on a computer. So the answer is no. Why this bias?

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@Lauraa The App and Website do have different functionality for certain things. For example the App is able to provide push notifications for saved searches (those saved to the App) and the website is able to provide email notifications for saved searches (those saved to the website). As you are requesting about favourite notifications specific to the website, please leave it with me and I will clarify regarding any available favourite email notifications on the website. Thank you.

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The notifications for saved searches on the website aren’t instant: they come in a once daily email sent out according to some schedule. I’ve used them for many years, but now they’ve become useless - too many listings are already gone by the time the email is sent out.

I understand notifications’ on the app to be instant: is that right?

Separate are favourites. I’ve never used them but now that the saved searches are not useful I wondered about them. On the website.

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@Lauraa I have just seen that there is more information regarding the App push notification frequency further up the thread, from our Product Manager Ben.

I presume that this is also the same for any favourite listings saved on the App that have new dates added. I will also clarify that when I check about the availability of any favourite email notifications.

I wrote a reply on this thread that was moved, by Angela, to the - now closed - ‘conclusion of pausing’ thread.
What I said was related to this topic, as aoposed to that one, so such heavy-handed modding doesn’t feel appropriate to me.

The app is sending notifications that are both arriving too late, and also when it shouldn’t be sending out notifications at all.

When it comes to notifying THS of tech failures, it would be good if THS seemed to be a bit more receptive to this useful feedback. As users, we shouldn’t have to be flagging these tech failures at all - we’re the clients.


I ran a very specific search for sits today and found only one listing in the area I was checking out. The HOs for the listing were already reviewing applications, so I set up a saved search for the same geographic location and closed the app.

I was pinged an alert about 5 minutes later and I immediately clicked it open. It was the same sit - the one that was already reviewing applications.

Why am I getting alerts for sits that I cannot possibly apply for? And why has this message been merged into a closed thread?! It’s an active issue from this week that directly relates to the topic it was moved from.


Apologies @Pips your comment was moved in error, we have repositioned.

Thank you for bringing to our attention.

Angela & The Admin Team

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Hi @Pips when you set up new searches in the app you will almost immediately get notified of sits in those search parametres. My understanding is that sits that are in “reviewing applications” status also get included in your search as sitters have previously requested being able to see those so they can favourite them with a heart for when they get advertised again. THS recently made this change. @Ben-ProductManager will be able to correct me if I have got this wrong.

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This morning I got alerts for one of my favourited countries. I went directly to it but there was nothing newly listed. I scrolled down the page to look at possibilities to individually favourite for a later date. I found two that were just ‘reviewing applications’ and the rest not currently looking. Those two ‘reviewing’ are ones we did actually apply to but already cancelled- the first because the host read our application and then ignored all follow msgs and was still ‘reviewing’ 12 days later so we gave up. The second we cancelled after the video call as it didn’t feel like a good match. Saved search is a waste of time these days…


100% of my alerts this morning when I woke up were useless!


This morning I got alerts for one of my favourited countries. I went directly to it but there was nothing newly listed.


It feels as if the IT side of THS is slowly and comprehensively breaking. The biggest ‘fix’ lately has been a feature that 99.9% of users seem to despise - everything else is apparently “on the list”.


Considering that THS now has 140,000 members, it is obvious that the IT is insufficient. I really think that it is just Ben on his own!
Where has the multimillion investment gone?


Hello, I have a number of sits that I’ve favourited and at least three times I have been notified that the listing has new dates and each time I have had my phone in my hand when I’ve seen the notification only to click on it and it’s already reviewing.
I can’t see any other way of being any quicker offthe mark, any suggestions?
Today’s notification from being pinged to opening was less than 10 seconds.
I’m now going to let out a big sigh :pensive:


Happens all the time since the introduction of the hugely unpopular, 5 applications pause. I click on mine instantly, and yep, there it is “reviewing applications”. Don’t really think it’s worth saving favourites any more. :rage::rage:


Others have suggested staying awake for 24hrs a day and do nothing else but check new listings. Such a shame we have other things to do!


Hello, I did already questioned time between a sit to be showed on THS and an alert being sent. The reply I received was that it takes between 1 or 2 hours. So good luck, if you’re as I am living in a popular area. Just today I have missed 3 possibilities to apply because of this.


We’ve also just become victims of the policy! Was online all of yesterday looking for a new sit when our current sit ends - nothing was available. Stopped looking when I went to bed around 11p.m. and yet this morning when I woke and looked, there was a perfect sit, in the same city as we are currently sitting but it was already in the “reviewing” status. Hugely disappointing and I can only assume that as administrators are in Europe (I think) and NZ is 11 hours ahead of U.K., the sit has been listed overnight and others in a more compatible timezone have got in first! Know how others feel now!


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As I am a full time traveller it is a valuable support for me to enter a secured search on trustedhousesitters to get new house and petsit offers as soon as possible.
Unfortunately, I have noticed that when I receive offers automatically, either at least 4 applicants have already applied for the offer although the post is still marked “new or even last minute” or when I click on the received message with the corresponding offer it suddenly disappears and I see the message that there are currently no offers.
This is very unpleasant, above all confusing and, in my opinion, not very helpful for being able to use a basically good option successfully.
Is there a way to optimise this offer as quickly as possible?
For example, that the new offers really appear immediately in the “saved searches” and that only the offers that are really offered appear (and do not miraculously disappear when clicked).
Many thanks!


10 out of 10 of my alerts this morning were already reviewing applications by the time I opened them at 7.45am. Its rarely less than 70% of my alerts especially with those in a different timezone. This happens EVERY day. The story spun with the change of policy was that very few listings get to the limit so it would have minimal impact. I’m afraid I beg to differ.