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I’m only allowed 3! Maybe because I am not a premium member or something? I didn’t think of that possibility.

Oh yes, I think that’s it. I am premium member and I do remember now that it gives me more saved searches.

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Hi @LIQ I have a basic account and, like you, I have a maximum of three saved searches. One of the benefits of the higher level accounts is having an unlimited number of saved searches. @meow if you have a standard membership, you also have unlimited saved searches, as does the premium level (@Kelownagurl ).


I would love a feature where you could search listings by key word. It would be great to search for listings that include the word “piano” or “gluten”, for example. I’m not a gluten-free or a pianist, but if I was, it would be good to be able to find those features easily.

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It would be great to search by date range without entering a specific country or location. For example on the East coast of the US, there could be 10 different states within a six hour drive and offerings from big cities, beach/coast, mountains etc.

HI @victoriamck I’m not sure if this totally addresses your point, but take a look at this search suggestion. It’s based on an area, rather than a date range, but you could also do it with a date range, for the eastern US states, as you’ve mentioned (when you click on the link, the related screen shot will display)

I got confirmed for an amazing sit in Nashville and it’s 6+ hour drive for me with 3 days in between, so I would be happy to break up the trip and sit for someone else somewhere midway.

I’ve had a little trouble navigating the “find a sit” filters by date - on Airbnb, for example, you can put your dates in +/- 2-3 days on either end and get results that match pretty well. The flexible but not totally open ended date searching on here doesn’t seem to work as well, and if I’m trying to get an idea of what other sits are available that start/end the same day as my previous one, it seems really hard to narrow it down that way. Any tips on how to search more effectively appreciated, thank you!

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If we’re discussing our wish list, I’d like to be able to search for specific dog breeds and rule out others. Of course to be included in the search results HO would have had to include the breed of their dog(s) in their listings. These advanced searches would use Boolean operators, AND, OR, NOT and enable you to search the entire text in a listing for words such as gluten, lake, pool, sauna, etc.

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Or am I missing something? I love browsing and reading listings, but if you are on a mission to find a match for your upcoming dates or simply prioritize sits starting sooner or whenever your current sit ends, it’s a nightmare as they show up all over the place by default.

This seems like a really easy feature to add - have other sitters made similar requests in the past or would anyone else find it useful?

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@86529052 I agree that it would be preferable, even though I realize we can use the date filter. However, I doubt there are many really easy features to add when it comes to programming, unfortunately.


Not entirely sure I understand your dilemma but if my guess is correct the answer is as follows:

Pick your dates and zoom in on the area you´re interested in, e.g. East Coast … available sits during a specified date frame will show up

@RadarInc I agree, but not in chronological order. I think that’s the request, or the ideal scenario. @86529052 :slightly_smiling_face:


Can you give me some idea what you mean by the date filter, and how it actually works? All I am trying to do is narrow down sits that start within a few days of my current one without missing any good ones because my date search is too precise or can’t be open ended!

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We can´t have it all @Snowbird, or can we? :wink:

Meanwhile, a short time frame, small area, and not too many listings should be quite manageable even if not displayed chronilogically

I asked for a chronological date search a long time ago.

It would be extremely useful to be able to first search by area with a date range.

Then have sort filters available which can filter the sits by chronological date.

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I agree with @86529052 , the ability to return search results ordered by start date would be so useful.

I’m currently looking at housesits within around an hour’s travel of central London. My son has an appointment in London, and commitments beforehand mean that our start date can only really be one of 3 consecutive dates in the second week of August. However our end date is flexible and could be as late as early September. My search is returning 300 listings, but the majority start after our preferred start dates. It would be so much quicker and easier if results were returned in order of start dates.


I totally agree @FloridaBuckeye. Results sorted by start day would not only be more useful but also a logical way of displaying search results. It would however interfere with the THS´ boost program which could be a reason for sorting them by published date.

On the second thought, maybe such a listing wouldn´t be too messy as the boosted listings are typically last-minute listings.

The boost program can still be there. The search can be two tiered.

Tier 1 search for date range, location, pets (just as it already is).

Tier 2 after initial search would be an option to sort the results. The results can still come up with the boosts. Just now, we’d have an option to narrow the results by chronological dates.

This is not hard to program. Many websites offer this option.

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Hi @86529052 I think we’re saying the same thing when you refer to date search and I said date filter. ‘Dates’ is one of a number of filter options. :slightly_smiling_face: