Search for a particular type of dog?

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We’re huge fans of a particular type of dog (greyhounds!) and I’d love to be able to search site wide for these. Does anyone have a way to do this? The alternative of course is just to search for everything which is of course very time consuming.

I’d like to be able to use the site to get in contact with greyhound owners just so they know we exist, even if they aren’t actively looking for sitters. Is that possible?


We’ve got a lurcher…… she’s half greyhound :rofl:


Welcome Booms,
You might want to consider the greyhound club of whatever country you live in. I have used the AKC a lot but many of the different breeds have their groups.

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I don’t think there is (though i am by no means an expert!). It would be useful to perhaps have one or two keywords to search for when looking through profiles or listings. There is a lot to trawl through whether you are looking for a sit or a sitter!

Hi @booms welcome to our community forum and for contributing to feedback and ideas, I have moved your post to the most appropriate thread … Ideas & Feedback

Enjoy connecting with other members and will be interesting to see responses. I’m a huge Springer lover although I always feel very guilty for saying that I love one breed more than another, but I don’t really of course they just have such lovely soft ears.

Angela and the Team

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I would love to be able to search for small to medium size dogs. Or select all animals excluding horses.

I would also like to do a general search for sits between certain dates including all of Europe or exclude the US and Australia for example when I will be travelling only to Europe. At the moment I need to search one country at a time.

And I’d like to search for big dogs, having had an Irish Wolfhound companion for 8 years. But I’ll sit almost anything if other conditions are good.
Since starting with TH I’ve done a 5 dog sit including 2 80 pounders, a 3 dog sit totaling about 200 pounds - a pair of bernedoodles and a flat coat retriever and others with solo big dogs.