Security cameras

Hi @bubble
I can understand how upset you are and I would be too. I haven’t had this experience although was at a sit in New Zealand when the dog got out of the ‘secure’ yard when a storm blew the, supposedly secure, gate open. I went out looking for the dog and instantly got a call from the owner who was alerted every time the front door was opened. Fortunately the dog had gone up the road into another garden and was brought back. There were no issues about my not taking the dog for a walk.
Also many people now have Ringo door bells here in the UK.
Your question has been discussed on the forum before but from the point of view of an owner so you may be interested in this thread:

I would have told the owners if I had an appointment, however you weren’t to know how long it was all going to take. I’m sure once you’ve explained to them they will be fine but, yes, pretty overbearing especially at the start of your sit.

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