Security Systems- hidden or revealed

Why would they need cameras to watch the pets, that’s what your there for? In that circumstance I think the sitter has every right to ask for them to be turned off.

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In one case the camera was built into a feeding device so I guess that one couldn’t be switched on. In the other case the lady didn’t tell us about the two cameras in the kitchen and living room, but they were clearly visible and we knew that they were on. If it would have been a long sit we would have addressed this issue. We think she really just forgot or didn’t think it was important (it was also her first time to host sitters).

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Has there been any update on this suggestion for security cameras inside and out (check box), In the detail section of homeowners details? I do believe this is a very important one.

Hi @RoseC this is part of the internal trust and safety discussions and is in the member T&C’s which is agreed at the time of joining, and we do agree it is important to have clear guidelines.

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If the homeowner has had an experience with an intruder and is worried about unwanted persons invading their home, this is something that should definitely be disclosed to potential sitters! This is not the kind of thing a sitter should “never know” about.

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