Shall we meetup in London - September 10th ? Please join us!

I will be in London from the 9th. september to the 12th.September. I will be near Honor Oak station and I am just wondering if someone wants to meet up then.
Let me know

I’m in Colindale, north London but maybe we can meet in the middle -or there is actually a great asian food hall in my neighborhood - Bang Bang Oriental.
I had posted a meetup possibility for 6 Sept - London Meetup for a special meal - crayfish boil - but you won’t be in London for that, right?
I’m sending my contact info in a private message.

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How’s this going @Bravo1239 @toml … did you manage to get any others for your London meetup? This comment should give the post a boost, just in case any last minute takers :slight_smile:

Hi Vanessa. Me and Tom,who was at the last meeting ate gonna meet up on the 10th. Gonna be a little of a train ride for me. Ans I am only looking after 1 cat so no problem there

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But others are welcome to join us - Sat, 10 Sept for dinner probably! Post or DM if others are interested.

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@bravo @toml please don’t forget a photo for the gallery!! Have a fabulous time and hopefully you’ll get some last minute takers … I’ve added the date to the title for you :slight_smile:

Thank you Vanessa. And yes of course others are welcome :slight_smile: