Sharing photos with homeowner

For our sit, we communicated with the HO mostly via text since that was generally faster than using the THS app, so I might just be missing a feature that already exists. But if not:

I’d like to see a way to upload photos during the stay with an option to let the HO easily add that photo to their own profile. So if I take a great photo of their dog having fun with us, and I’m okay with it being on their profile forever, I can check a box indicating that. On the HO’s end, the next time they edit their profile or add new dates, it asks them if they’d like to add these photos to their profile. This way they don’t need to download/upload photos and it’s easier for the sitter to grant permission to use the photos. There should also be a checkbox to indicate that I want to add the photo to my profile.

I always send photos of their pets during my sits. If owners want to use them one day, i’m ok, they will not need to ask me permission. There’s no copyright on my side. It’s free
Owners seem often pleased to see their pets are ok in my company but they have themselves taken so many photos of their pets, few have ever asked me to send them all the pic i took during my stay(what i always suggest)
They laugh when i make montages
On the other hand i feel obliged to ask owners If i can publish the photos of their pets on my blog.
All (i.e 10) accepted except one.
I always send a draft of the text and photos before publishing my blog so i was very surprised that owner refused any mention of her cats’ names, pictures and even her name and area.
I was surprised as these names (cats and town) were public on her listing
But i respected her decision of course. Sadly

Hi - I don’t mind photos of our animals appearing on THS site as it is difficult to access pets’ names and towns unless you are a member. Pet & livestock theft is rife in the UK; especially if you keep rare breeds. I’m not sure who has access to blogs but if it is the general public I would not like our details to be published.