Short Notice Sit - 15th-23rd May, Willington, Co Durham, UK

Dates: 15th-23rd
Location: Willington county Durham
Country: England

Request: Hi New to forum but not trusted house sitters but first time of needing sitter on short notice. Need to visit friends to support hospital visit on 20th. Any ideas?

Hello @Rocker and I hope we can find you someone at short notice to help you look after Casper so you can help your friends. I’ve taken liberty of adding your listing into your forum profile so that you get some more exposure here and I’m sure the community will give you some feedback.

You’ve got lots of info in your listing, and great reviews … and we wake up to the sound of cows here on our sit… what could be better :slight_smile:

One suggestion from Angela’s top tips for owners, is that if you have several dates, as you have, take out the later dates. The team’s research has shown this sometimes helps. The perception can be that an owner is looking for someone to do all the sits… so it’s maybe worth considering as you’ve you are short notice.

Finger’s crossed for you :crossed_fingers:


Hi @Rocker - Your listing says ‘sitters need a car’ - as non driving sitters we quickly skim past those listings - however, on reading your description you then say

“there is a good bus service. … great area for walks”

This makes me think that maybe a car is not a necessity after all?

If I was you I would delete the ‘sitters need a car’ tag and instead, give details of how far to get to shops/train station etc - Then all the sitters without cars can also take a look at your listing to see if they think it is a good fit for them.


thank you Colin , good point so have altered info regarding car and transport . Also add more about area attractions but as date fast approaching may have to change plans and abort trip.

Thank you have removed later dates as suggested but left June on as this is booked and although may have to cancel May it is not an option for June.

Will be interesting to see if it helps… leaving the booked one is all good and is a plus! Fingers still crossed!!

Hello @Rocker I viewed your listing on the app (iPhone 11), as many sitters also use the app.

Here’s how the photo displays:

I agree with @Colin that removing ‘sitters need a car’ would increase possible applicants, but it is still tagged that way. Many sitters currently pass on any listings where that is shown.

I would edit your listing to explain that you need to travel to support a friend’s health needs. This may be enough for someone to make the effort, where they may not have otherwise.

Your most recent sitter listing does not have a review. Possibly not an issue with so many other reviews, but may be a concern for some sitters.

“Responsibilities - to be caring and consider Casper’s needs and be respectful of my home.” Although no doubt this is a priority in your mind, good sitters are already well aware of this. I think it would be better to delete this. Your goal is to attract applicants first, and then assess their fit for your needs.

“Casper has freedom around the home and at times loves to be up high or on the window sills. I have compiled a folder which gives the sitter an insight into Casper life, his eating and sleeping requirements …” Although making this available at your home for a confirmed sitter is excellent, applicants need the details BEFORE they apply. I suggest, for example, you at least show whether Casper is indoor only or not, as this is a consideration for some sitters.

I hope all goes well for both you and your friend. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Snowbird
thank you for your review and tips its good to see it from someone else’s perspective. Whilst I had changed the car on the welcome pack did not realised I had not change it on the listings , so thank you.
I also reviewed the responsibilities section implemented a few changes and like you say the goal is to attract applicants.
I chose not to add about friends health .
Anyway will give it another day or two.

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Hello @Rocker and @Snowbird … just picking up on the photo display on the app which is happening because this is a portrait photo (which you may already have worked out - but this will hopefully help others with a similar display problem).

Resizing your original photo to horizontal and re uploading will solve this.

Thank you for all your help and advice and to everyone else that contributed. I have not been able to get anyone so I have decided to put casper into the local cattery on this occasion. I will remove imminent dates but leave end of June .

@Rocker That’s news we never like to hear but with the high level of sits at the moment it does make it a little harder to fill a last minute one. You are in a lovely location and hopefully your next dates won’t be so difficult to fill as sitters begin to organize their summer sits. Great to see you managed to add a new horizontal picture - Casper looks such a laid back kitty! Hope everything goes well with your friends. All the best, Vanessa and the team