Should UK sits be excluded from "Europe" search results on the web?

Yes, I’ve tried this too and that pesky tip of the map always means I’m seeing mostly sits from south-east England. :laughing:


Perhaps a search option with the whole of Europe and another search option with Europe excluding the UK would be a good idea :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi, I agree. I think there should be a separate search for the UK, aside from the in or out of Europe question, the UK has many sits available which you have to wade through if you are only looking for sits in continental Europe.

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Why does this matter if you know where you are going?


The UK is geographically located in Europe. It always has been and always will be.


Because @Amparo there might be many reasons. For example: We have a car, and can somewhat easily drive between European countries but don’t want to take our car to the UK for various reasons. Visas are another thing -we can stay indefinitely in the Schengen zones, but have a time limit on the UK.

We can plan a whole European tour without including the UK - but if you search for Europe (maybe 100 sits), you can’t help but seeing 2,000 UK sits mixed in, that you then have to meticulously filter out until you get your map just right, which is near impossible if you want to see France and Scandinavia, for example. And do this again. And again. And we might want to see options in 10 European countries, but the UK ones keep showing up, and we can’t do a search for 10 European countries at once, so you have to do each separately.

How nice and tidy, Europe with one snapshot…or not!

Now I can see France and Benelux, but UK is there again! Unless I skip Benelux (which are 3 whole countries)

Now I don’t see UK, but also no France, Spain and Portugal, not much of Scandinavia either… it really is a pain in the behind.


It doesn’t matter if you know where you are going. However, if you don’t know where you are going, but know that you want to sit “somewhere in mainland Europe”, it matters a lot.


This feels like a good use case to bring up my favourite request again, the option to exclude locations from searches. If you think that would be helpful, please vote on the topic - although I don’t know if these votes actually count for anything or not.

I don’t know why nobody from TH has never acknowledged any of my posts about it, even when I asked a direct question. I feel like I’m shouting into a void, but hey, it would be the perfect solution to this issue. :woman_shrugging:


Hello, @Lindsay Thank you for your suggestion and for taking the time to think of ways to improve the THS experience. There is a thread that is monitored by the product team

Please feel free to add your suggestions here.
If you have specific questions always feel free to DM me or any of the moderators and we can direct them to the correct channels, the product team try very hard to answer as much as possible but they are not always on the forum or active across all threads. You can reach out to me at any time.

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Thank you @botvot for taking the time for this very thoughtful and thorough explanation. I can see why you and others are frustrated searching in this manner.
Being a long time traveler to the UK and parts of the EU I am familiar with the visa considerations. As a sitter for many years I have yet to do a search for Europe.
I would like to make a different suggestion of what has worked for me. Search by country has been much easier without the frustration of having parts of the world that are not of interest. By focusing and narrowing the search by country it becomes easy and even fun to create a map of intended travel and available sits along the way.
I will also add that eliminates the frustration of wanting, waiting for someone, something, in this case THS to do it for us. I take control of what I want to create by working with what is available. Again that does not mean that we have to stop wanting systems to be better.
But what is better? For me, what works to accomplish the outcome.
Narrowing the search, making a good plan or repeatedly dwelling on what doesn’t work?
Of course saving the searches, favoriting the possible sits is definitely a requirement.
I do this also in my searches on Airbnb. If you search by country or even city you get a plethora of listings but you really don’t see them all till you narrow your search.
I hope that makes sense. My suggestion is to try another approach and avoid the frustrations.
I am reminded of this:
If you don’t know where your going any road will do.

Same in the US. Anyone doing a search for the USA needs to get honed in one area or state at a time or you will go nuts. It’s just too much.
That’s just my strategy.


Just a bit of fun Colin!

There are too many people in the UK anyway so, be my guest :joy:

Exactly what I would have said @Amparo although not in so many words :wink::joy:

I can have ten saved searches. These include US cities, states, UK cities and a few countries. I tried to combine countries on the map but as @botvot points out, the map feature lumps in other locations that I don’t want. I would like to add additional countries but I have run out of slots.

Searching for specific countries is not as efficient as being able to combine them in one search. THS, please add an advanced search option that will utilize Boolean operators, AND, OR and NOT, so a search can be done with any combination of cities and countries; the NOT operator would enable you to exclude unwanted locations.

This would also work in a pet search, for example: dogs AND cats AND chickens NOT reptiles. I would also like to be able to specify the number of pets, such as not greater than 3 cats or 2 dogs or 10 chickens, etc.

And also in a search for home types combined with pets. For example, an apartment with no more than two cats OR two dogs or one cat AND one dog.

This type of search capability would move THS into another league.


All European countries have their own search option

You can search United Kingdom separately. I personally would search each European country individually, not a blanket ‘Europe’


@Amparo Thanks, I do hope your suggestion is helpful to other and new sitters. We just finished a 1 year European housesitting tour, so of course we had to find work-arounds to this issue. My comment stems from months of doing this. I think it would be a very useful tool to have a European search sans UK, but I’m not invested in the matter anymore…

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Fine, but I want to search all countries on the Continent. Happy to go anywhere in Europe (but not the UK… I live there).


@Cactuscat Easy, just a quick 43-country search if you search each European country separately :laughing: - is it quicker than wading through 2,000 UK sits? Try it and please tell us when you’re done :upside_down_face:

Haha. Yes, exactly… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: this is what one has to do, why I wish there was a better way. Maybe to have a search for a region, eg “Europe” but be able to exclude countries (like the UK)?

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