Similar photos on different profiles (sitter and owner)?

We can load many photos on our profile but if you publish 2 different listings, one as an owner, another one as a sitter, even if you load 2 different photos for the distinct profiles, THS publishes only one, which will appear in the circle on both profiles ! Why ?

i wrote to THS, last july, received a weird answer. I don’t understand why it would be difficult

I completely understand that you want to have two separate images for your sitter profile image and your owner profile image, however, this is not something that you can do.

However, rest assured when a sitter is looking at your listing they are only going to see the following of your listing. You can access this in the ‘edit listing’ section and click ‘preview listing’. They will only ever see the image of you with the dogs in the small circle

A photo of my husband and I, with our pets can be interesting for sitters (I guess they want to see what kind of animals they will look for) but owners would probably prefer to see only our faces (they’ll know immediately we are 65+)

So I thought it could be better to publish 2 different photos on the 2 different profiles (the text is also different, and the difference was accepted)

For sure, there are other photos also. But I still don’t understand the reason of that refusal