Sit preferences & avails in profile heading/about us?

We get invites to alot of sits- which is of course really flattering. However, for a sit to be a good match for us, it needs to be within certain areas and usually 4 weeks + duration. I hate dissapointing HOs, and I also sometimes loose track of messages and forget to respond/decline. I was trying to put something about our preferences in the profile heading as a way of setting expectations with HOs inviting us, but there isn’t really enough characters- so I’ve added it to the top of ‘About Us’. What do people think of that? Is it off putting to say this upfront, or is it helpful to HOs? Do any other sitters do this?

hi @second_star You’ll also be able to share your profile here, do follow this link. link to your listing on your forum profile for a bit of extra exposure, our forum members will be able to see this.
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Hi @second_star,

Yes, as a homeowner and a sitter I can say that I would certainly find it helpful and not off-putting to put that upfront so that I don’t waist anyone’s time sending an invite if my sit doesn’t work for your lifestyle. Great question! Where is your next sit taking you?

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I’ve done the same thing. Still get unrelated invites so I suspect some home owners don’t look at our profile before inviting us. :woman_shrugging:

I am sure there are some HO that are in a rush or a panic to find care for their pets and may not take time to review each profile. It’s possible that they are also just hoping that although it says that in your profile maybe you’ll make an exception, or maybe they are new to THS and are still learning the ropes.

I too have had my fair share of sitters that have applied that do not read our entire profile but I always try to give anyone the benefit of the doubt as we never know what anyone person has going on in their life. I agree though that it can never hurt to be as clear as possible up front as communication and transparency are key to a house sit going smoothly for all parties.

I certainly hope this advice helps @second_star as they begin their THS journey.

Kelly & the Forum Team


We are off to Gillingham in Dorset to look after a young spaniel. I’m excited for lots of energetic walks! Makes me smile just thinking about how much fun we’ll have :smiley:


Hi @second_star so exciting, remember to share pics and Spaniel stories … are they Springers, Cockers or ???

Spaniels truly are such special dogs…I loved one I sat for so much I ended up getting my own :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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