Sits where the owner wants to stay on site

I’ve reported a sit like this and it’s still live on the site. Really irritating when it keeps telling you there’s a great opportunity in a chosen country. We applied and they just want pet cover and have no intention of travel or leaving the property. Free gardening and babysitting whilst they run errands and see friends…:rage:


Yikes. Which country is this?

I would imagine that in many (most) places, what you’re talking about would qualify as a job and as such, the employer should have a contract, liability insurance, pay statutory sick pay, offer employee benefits, pay taxes etc.

Turkey! And just to really grate it’s popped up on my feed as a “new sit” just now, again! :flushed:

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I have given up reporting these anomalies as they seem to continue coming on the site. I can understand a handful slipping through the monitoring net but there are too many which suggests the checking function isn’t working correctly. I suggested that when a sit is uploaded there should be a checklist for the owner to read through confirming 1. there will be no family/friends on site, 2. the sit includes at least one overnight stay etc as I don’t think owners read all the T & Cs, and probably if they do, forget if they are only posting once or twice a year. This would be far more useful than a lot of the product updates being brought online at the moment.


Completely agree. We told the HO she should be on WWOOF instead! And now THS have just emailed me to say “please rate our support for resolving your issue” :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Let the forum administrators know and don’t give up. THS, don’t let the site lose its high standards!

THS is recruiting new members but MUST police listings to be legitimate and adhere to the fair exchange of pet/house sitting in exchange for free lodging – with NO other people present on the property.


Agreed. I have emailed and sent a link and sent the reply to the “support” as unresolved so waiting for an answer…

Hi @Cuttlefish & @KenandMary1998
This has now been addressed with the owner.
Thank you for the notification.

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@Therese-Moderator Yay!! Thank you!

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Great! Thanks very much. I can see it has gone :+1: