Sitter AVAILABILITY Calendar - and how to edit/add/delete dates and location

Hi. I’ve not used the forum much, so not sure about how to use it, but my question is about sitters availability. I was assuming that dates blocked out in green meant unavailable, and ditto re dates crossed out. Dates with nothing mean sitters are available. Please could someone confirm if this is correct please? Many thanks.

@Sit4myDog It’s the opposite in fact - this may help to explain - but as you can see from this thread you are not alone in that assumption.

Hi, I think you are right about the confusing colours, but rather than changing them, it would be simpler (and usual) to include a key…showing in simple terms what the colours/crossing outs mean.

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Who do we tag to ask if this can be fixed?

@MarieHuggins Thank you for your suggestion about how to improve the availability calendar. You can add your idea here:

This thread is monitored by the Product team. :slight_smile:

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This has been discussed extensively. We can only hope THS plans to work on making the availability calendar more user-friendly in the future.


I have recently joined TH and this forum, and am still hoping to find a sitter for August. I’ve invited 20 so far.
When checking the details section for the Sitter, the most important item is whether they are actually available for the dates you are offering. I’ve learnt to scroll down to their calendar as the first item. Many don’t use the calendar, but most do, and if your dates are crossed out, there is no point in investigating any further.
As a result, it would be helpful if the calendar was towards the top of the listing rather than at the bottom, since everything hinges on availability.
While on the calendar, what does the blue colouring on some dares indicate? Thanks, Lorimer

HI @Lorimer we moved your question here as this subject has been discussed in various conversations and this article from the help centre will also help …