Sitter confirmed and accepted

We confirmed a sitter and she accepted but I don’t see anything on my listing that shows we have a sitter. It says my listing is live. Even when I go to personalize the Welcome Guide it says you need to confirm the sitter first but she’s already confirmed. Any help much appreciated.

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Hi @Zoegirl, I am a sitter but I think you have one more stage to go.

Sitter applies
You offer the sit to a sitter
Sitter accepts
You confirm sitter.

Not sure where this appears on your account but the extra stage was added a couple of years ago.

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Good morning @Zoegirl and great to hear you’ve found yourself a sitter. I have just checked your account and it looks to me like your sitter is all confirmed. If you scroll down on your dashboard to “welcome your sitters”, you’ll see your sitter’s name and when she’s arriving.

There is however a technical glitch with the welcome guide, so instead of using the first option, please try clicking on the “Update your welcome guide” in the ‘welcome your sitters section’, and you will be able to share from there.

If you have any other issues please don’t hesitate to come back here or via direct message. Hope you have a good trip! All the best, Vanessa

I had exactly the same problem. When I wanted to send the Welcome Guide it always said to confirm the sitter first, but I did and the sitter also confirmed. It never worked on the website but I could send it from the app…so there must be a glitch :woman_shrugging:t3: Maybe you try this?