SITTER FOUND - Cat sitter needed: Jan 28 - April 23 in Zurich, Switzerland

Dates: Jan 28 - April 23
Location: Zurich
Country: Zurich
Listing title “Catsitting for 3 months in Zurich”

Request: Hi, this is our first time using TSH and by now two sitters have cancelled on us. We fist started looking for a sitter back in November as we need someone for 3 months, who cancelled at the beginning of January. We found someone else within a week of the first cancellation, but they now also cancelled. With less than a week to go we are now quite worried about finding someone.

Our 2 cats, Bastet and Freya, are 9 months old. They need to be fed 4 times a day - twice in the morning and twice in the evening and their litter boxes should be cleaned once or twice a day. Other than that, we have some plants that need to be watered every 1 to 2 weeks.

Our flat has 2 bedrooms, a large living/dining room, one bathroom, a cozy kitchen and 2 balconies. The kitchen is fully equipped, including a kettle, coffee machine and dishwasher and a shared washing machine and a dryer are in the basement.
The house is in an suburban area, with very good connection to public transport (Zurich center is reachable in about 20min).
Multiple supermarkets are within walking distance (about 2min), and the train station Zurich/Oerlikon, where various shops and restaurants are located, is about 7min by bus or a 20min walking distance.

Ideally, we would wand someone for the whole 3 months, but we are also willing to have multpile sitters for shorter timeframes.

So sorry to hear this has happened, this is truly exceptional and not the normal course of events with THS.

I’m tagging @Angela-CommunityManager who can boost your sit on social media if you’d like, which will hopefully lead to finding a replacement sitter.


Thanks for your help @Els and @FionaandBenjamin please Direct Message me if you would like your listing shared on Social Media will also be happy to run you through how it works, the listing will still only be available for THS member applications.

I checked out your listing. It looks good. I would add whether there is a lift/elevator. “Top floor” of building implies it’s a walk up.

4x/day feeding cats, and at fairly set times, is a big ask in my opinion. Is there a health reason for that requirement?


@Els and @Angela-CommunityManager thank you so much for offering you help! We were lucky enough to find someone who was spontaneously available for the entire time period. I’m really grateful for the support here!


Glad you found someone! We are a helpful bunch :grinning: Enjoy your time away!

Excellent news @FionaandBenjamin thank you for the update … enjoy your travels.