SITTER FOUND - Sitter has Covid and just cancelled - we leave Friday

Dates: Jan 20th (we leave Jan 21st) - February 27th ish
Location: Williamsburg, VA
Country: USA

Request: Hi - I just got a call from the sitter we confirmed 6 months ago that she has Covid and cannot look out for Mello and our home. We are supposed to leave early Friday morning and are looking for an experienced sitter who wants to spend 5 weeks in our home with our wonderful dog (and a fish).

If you can only do part of the time, please let me know that as well.



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Mello looks so adorable. You mentioned the 20th here, but your ad says the 30th so some people may think that it isn’t last minute. I am new to THS, but over the years have housesat , and I also travel with my super cool (her words, not mine) 5yo. Otherwise I would have applied as we are looking to begin our journey meeting lovely pets around the country.

Hopefully you start getting applicants.

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Hi @Shacky I’m sorry to hear about your sitter cancellation and thank you @Snowbird for managing. Please let me know by DM if you wish to have your listing shared across our Social Media platforms, this can help give extra exposure to last minute listings.

There were two posts for this last minute listing, this post remains live so any members who can help please connect with @Shacky by DM …

Thanks @exploringmeerkats ! I bet your 5 yo IS super cool!!

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Hi @Angela-CommunityManager , I just filled it but thank you!!!


That’s great news @Shacky hank you for the update … safe and happy travels.