Sitter issue

I have been fortunate to have many sitters over the past 9 years, some who have become good friends and most have been wonderful. However a recent sitter left me with a problem and not knowing how to manage it if at all. I was recently asked by the sitter if she could arrive nearly a week earlier that the arrangement. As I have the space I agreed. On arrival she started drinking what I considered rather a lot of alcohol. She would then sleep the following day until midday. After 4 days of this I decided to ask her about her possible alcohol issues. She told me that she was just fine but now very upset. She grabbed her one very small bag and left. I was 24 hours before going on a holiday with no sitter. I am unable to place a review as the sit was then cancelled a day prior to when she was officially to arrive. There was no indication on her profile that this may be a problem and she had some positive reviews. Do I do anything further to let prospective owners know, or just let it go and move on?

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Hi @Leoandme So pleased that you’ve had wonderful sitter experiences and I’m terribly sorry you had this one negative one, if ever any member has an issue which they are unable to manage, for whatever reason or that gives them cause for concern, Membership Services are available to help and support. @Katie-MembershipServices will you connect with @Leoandme please?

Thank you for being part of our amazing community for 9 years, many happy memories and friendships made.

Waouh, it’s fine you give also your point of view as an owner. Some sitters have complained on this forum about an owner’s attitude, although it’s quite rare -most sits are OK- It’s interesting to know.

This is why feedbacks are made for (if both owners and sitters tell the truth and dare leave negative comments) in order to let further sitters or owners to know.

Your bad experience shows that sitters are not always the angels they pretend to be… Alcool is a tough problem (especially when you leave your car to the sitter…)

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Yes. A tricky situation.

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