Sitter lying on review

Has anyone had a sitter threaten to walk out on a sit? My recent sitter was overwhelmed taking care of my 3 dogs and sent me an email that she was ready to walk out on my sit. I was on a cruise and so stressed and upset by this. One of my dogs was peeing in my house and ended up with a bladder infection. I tried working with her and ordered diapers and pee pads to be delivered for her to use. Anyone else have issues with threats of sitters walking out? I wish they would be banned from THS.

A few thoughts @Cruizn - did you mention the pee issues on the sit listing and in the video call so she knew? Did you speak to support for advice? Did the sitter have good reviews and was experienced with incontinent dogs? Where is the lying bit as it’s not mentioned in your post? A sitter can leave a sit if it’s not as described and/or they’re in danger or at risk with some caveats in there. There are too many unknowns to be more helpful than that for now…#moredetailplease


How very distressing for you @Cruizn. I’m thinking this thread would be best posted in the Owner Questions and Advice category rather than the Sitters one. Perhaps @Carla or @Jenny could move it for you.


@Cruizn have you contacted member services for advice ?
They can be contacted by live chat - ask to speak to a human .

If you are unable to return to look after your sick pet and your sitter has asked you to make alternative arrangements for their care , you may be covered by the sit cancellation plan (depending on the circumstances) . Member services are best place to advise you .

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And the lying would be….? :thinking:

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Walking out on a sit is obviously a no no. Did you mention either in the listing or during your call that one of your dogs has peeing issues? Either the sitter knew upfront and should have dealt with it until you got back or it should have been mentioned before the confirmation process. I had an application in at the beginning stages of joining THS. The pet parent did not mention anything in the listing about overnight care and sent over a confirmation without a phone or video call. In a separate message, she stated I would need to wake up in the middle of the night and let one of her dogs out to pee. Sorry but I lost too much sleep when my 3 kids were infants and toddlers. I need to make up for those years. I declined the confirmation request and now I make it a point to ask upfront if there are any overnight responsibilities.

As others have said, it really depends if the sitter was fully informed of these issues before they agreed to the sit. If not, this is unfair for the sitter and you can’t expect somebody to take on responsibilities they did not sign up to.

However, if the sitter was well informed and agreed to take on the responsibilities, it was definitely not okay for them to threaten to walk out.

Did the infection arise during the sit, and the issues were not present before? If so, a sitter should realise that anything can happen to pets during the sit - they can get sick or injured, and it is their responsibility to manage it.

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If an animal doesnt get let outside on a regular basis they will pee in the house, what choice do they have. I dont have anything in my listing to say that my dog pees in the house if he isnt let out because I would think that would be common sense. Animals act differently toward other people in the home as well, some shy away, some are nervous dogs and have bowel problems, some dont eat, every animal and every sit is different. So how does someone put this in their listing? I’ve not ever had anyone say anything in the past to me about this, so I am wondering if perhaps my dogs didnt get the attention they deserved.

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Most dogs can be left for 4 hours without needing to pee @Cruizn - accidents happen with all animals and habits change if they’re flustered. Was it about that amount of time or more? You still haven’t answered the main points members are asking in order that they can advise you on what to do about the sitter. What is the lie? Did you specify how long was okay to leave the dogs and if/if not there were per issues to be aware of? @IHeartAnimals gives a great example of what is not okay to expect of a sitter especially after they’ve confirmed. What do you need help deciding? Should you report them? Should you talk to membership services? Possibly both, maybe they can help. @Silversitters sent you the email address to do that. #wearestillnonethewiser

Yes, my sitter didn’t just threaten it but actually left my house at Christmas. I woke up at 5am to a message saying she couldn’t stay there anymore without WiFi (allegedly stopped as soon as I left, I spent 4 days trying to get a technician out who then said it was completely fine) and the dog barking was too much for her. I was very clear that one of my dogs is very nervous and anxious and she didn’t mention he was an issue at all until she said she was leaving. I had to put them into emergency boarding that was covered by THS insurance thankfully. It was an extremely stressful situation but in the end I was glad she was gone. She left heaps of lies and exaggerations in her review that THS didn’t do much about, took out some very inappropriate stuff but left all the rest of the madness saying she had a right to her opinion. Personally though, I feel there’s a big difference between an opinion and embellishing information to make yourself look better.

What was the lie she told??

My sitter gave me a good review until she read my review of her and mentioned about her threatening to walk out. Then her reply to my review went the opposite direction of her review. I always take my sitters out to eat and make sure they are comfortable in my home. My housekeeper always deep cleans one day before their arrival so everything is sparking. In her response to my review of her she said she had to clean my home for 3 days to get rid of the dog pee smell. This was a lie since my housekeeper had cleaned and there was no dog smell. She also said the yard stunk, which was a lie since I had cleaned it up prior to her arrival. She took it upon herself to clean out my shed in the backyard and my garage. Now why would someone do that and then complain because she “had to clean for 3 days”? She also parked her trailer in my driveway and cut away a lot of my tree branches while I was gone so they wouldnt scratch her trailer and didn’t tell me until the day she left. She ruined my vacation and added undo stress on me.

@Cruizn if your sitter left you a good review, try not to worry about what she wrote in retaliation to yours, since it’s only visible on her profile page and not on yours.

Other sitters will only see it if they bother to read reviews you’ve left for other sitters and, although we do this, we’d certainly notice that it differed from the original review.



In principle, @Cruizn still has the opportunity to put a word in there as a response but I would recommend not to do that. Certainly not right now. They can postpone this as long as they want, and it would probably only create the impression of drama for someone reading the profile.