Sitter needed: 21-30 April, Dog, Littleton, NH

Dates: April 21-30
Location: Littleton, New Hampshire
Country: USA

Request: We had a last-minute cancellation we’re now scrambling to find a sitter! Listing link can be found in my profile as well.

We live in a beautiful and peaceful lake house in a wooded area with our own dock, kayaks, paddleboards, and hiking out the backyard. We’re a short 10-min drive to Littleton main street, which is a very cute strip of local stores and restaurants. There are also the usual amenities of a library, a well-stocked grocery store, convenience stores, etc all within a 10-15 minute drive, and there are a few local farm stands as well! We have high-speed internet, multiple streaming services, and a spacious kitchen for those of you that prefer a night in.

Our dog, Cortana, is pretty well-behaved and mellow. She’s quite shy and reserved with strangers, so she will be a little aloof for the first couple days (unless you’re cooking, and then she’ll sit right in the middle of the action!) She likes her established schedule and really only needs someone with thumbs to pull meals out of the fridge and open the doors for her walks! She does not do well with other dogs or small children, neither of which we ever see on the trails so it is pretty much a nonissue.

Our house isn’t accessible by transit and requires a car.

Thanks very much!

Hi @adelia and welcome to the forum, although for unfortunate reasons. I just looked at your sit and it shows 4 - 7 applicants. Is that correct? If one or more of them are unsuitable, I would suggest you decline them as it will bring down your count to a realistic one. If it’s not correct, then direct message @Angela-CommunityManager and she can have someone check your account.

Some sitters will pass by your listing when they see the date is so close and you already have multiple applicants.

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I just love the fact you have her posing in almost all your pictures.
Unfortunately we can’t help you in these dates but will definitely look out for any dates in July. I hope you get someone that can help at such short notice.

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Hi! Yes there were a total of 4 applicants. One did not have a vehicle which is unsuitable for the area, two had to cancel their application, and one was just applying to keep in touch and cannot actually sit for these dates.

I declined the applications as you suggested, thank you!

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Thank you! We had a lot of fun snapping those photos… or at least, I had fun and she just tolerated it! :smiley: