Sitter needed in Hove this coming weekend!

Dates: Ideally 28th April to 2nd May, but can be flexible
Location: Hove
Country: UK

Request: Our sitter cancelled yesterday as she sadly has COVID :frowning:
We are interested in chatting to anyone who is free and feel they would be a good match to look after our 3 cats, please read our ad and see if you can offer them lots of playtime and cuddles. Thank you.



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What a shame but wonder if it’s worth persuading the sitter with Covid to still sit for you now that restrictions have been lifted? You wouldn’t need to meet inside and with 3 cats she’d be limiting her contact with others. Worth a try!

Thank you for your reply Smiley :slight_smile:

We would not be comfortable with that at all, we have managed to dodge having COVID so far and we would not want her passing it onto our cats or being in our home with COVID.

Oh, ok. I hope you find another sitter(s)

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